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Dec 14, 2010
Lexington, KY
Congrats dude... Getting married is pretty cool, it's not easy but it's awesome to have that companionship..

Yea, me and my gf have lived together for 3 years, the only difference in our life if we got married is taxes, and the amount of money i lose if she kicks me out haha


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Sep 25, 2005
Robertson Co.
Haha well I came home with a muzzleloader last week, kinda hard to hide. If I gave her a ring then I could buy whatever I want, but if I gave that to her then I wouldn't have any money to buy anything

When you bring home a gun don't tell her. Don't bring it in till she is gone and then put it in with your other ones. And don't talk about it to your friends when she is around. Just put it in your stock and act like you have always had it. I'm not telling you to lie. If she asks you tell the truth always tell the truth. It is better to beg forgiveness then ask permission. And after a while she will be excited. My wife came in the other day and asked to see my new gun and was excited. This don't always work. I have left layaway receipts out and she would ask me about them. I would turn it around and say. "We'll I was buying that for you"and if it was close to a anniversary or valentines day or sweetest day etc.. There is almost always some type of woman's holiday going on. "but I guess being that you know about I'll go on and tell you about it". That gets you outta trouble and may get her to shooting. It's a win win. This advice works for me. I cannot be held responsible if it don't work for you.
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Dec 12, 2001
Booger Hollar
Thanks Les..........December 1. Gotta get those first few main seasons out of the way. :) She mentioned October, I said, "Uhhhhhh NO!" okay, back to the thread at hand. :)

My anniversary is Dec 3rd and is also my wifes birthday. Works out great I can give her a birthtaversary present........
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