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Apr 16, 2011
Shepherdsville, KY
Today ends a long drought that I've been waiting for for 7yrs now. The last buck I killed was in Oct of 09. This morning was the 17th day in a row I've been in the woods in some fashion. Whether it was just a morning hunt, evening or all day, I've been in there. The past 2 deer seasons have been rough. 2 years ago my arrow hit a limb right before impact on what then, was the biggest deer I've seen on hoof. Last year I hunted 1 particular deer all season. If I didn't kill him I wasn't killing any other deer. I knew the first picture I had of him it was him or nothing. I hunted that deer every second I could and finally the first time I ever seen him on hoof was the Wednesday before thanksgiving. Shot, blood but never found him. Called in everything but the swat team including a dog, nothing. It made me sick. Looked for a week straight every second I wasn't at work, came up with nothing. And then this year rolls around. Was blessed enough to get a chance to hunt a couple new farms with a good friend of mine. After the first few camera pulls, we had several "shooters" on cam. Needless to say, I was like a kid in the candy store. Again, I've hunted my tail off trying to close the deal. Come middle October, a shooter I've never seen on camera comes into bow range. Pull back, arrow clips a twig and goes right in the neck. Horrible shot. After hours of letting him lay, me and my buddy started tracking. Found great blood for about 70yds then nothing. Monsoon rain comes and we couldn't find anything. Looked for days, nothing. First thing that came to mind was, not again. I couldn't believe this was happening for the second year in a row. But it did. And then this morning...

As I stated above, this was the 17th day I've hunted in a row. I got in the stand around 6am. I fell asleep 3 times before day break in the stand. I was thinking to myself after I woke up the third time, I have to get some rest and give hunting a break. No sleep days on end plus working just wasn't working out. But I couldn't give up. As soon as light started showing through the woods, I could hear a buck grunting. He grunted for every bit of 5 minutes but I never saw him. Finally, a doe come barreling out of the thicket down the ridge from me. Right on her tail was a buck we've been after all year. The shakes and adrenaline quickly came back. He wouldn't stop for nothing. I grunted, whistled, everything I could think of and nothing. He soon walked in a little opening behind her about 60yds through the woods. Got him in the crosshairs, pulled the trigger, boom! As I pulled the gun down from my shoulder I could see his white belly. I lost it. Everything that I have put into this, finally paid off. A little luck on my side, hard work and dedication it all came together. He's not a monster, but to me he's a true trophy. Sorry for the long post but this roller coaster has been one hell of a ride and figured I'd share. I can't post pics so if anybody would like to post them just pm me. Thanks fellas and good luck to whoever is still after them! Stick with it, it's worth it. I promise!!


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Sep 9, 2012
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Oct 18, 2005
Congrats on the fine buck. I feel your pain. Did you weigh that thing by any chance? The second picture makes his body look small for the size of headgear he's sporting.


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Feb 25, 2007
The best things in life are the things you truly work for. A Hunter can understand the emotional roller coaster you have been on. Congratulations!

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