$75.00 permit req'd to keep quail to work dogs??

Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by Valley Station, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. Valley Station

    Valley Station Cyber-Hunter

    Did you know you are required to buy a $75.00 Non-commercial Pet and propogation permit to keep a few quail to work your dogs with?? When did this happen? Man , and I thought that "Mideast bunch" was crazy!
    Is it still legal to exercise your dog without some kind of F&W required license?? It's no wonder people are giving up hunting , most can't afford it! The "Sport of Kings Only"??
  2. Birdman

    Birdman Cyber-Hunter

    Feb 26, 2002
    Paintsville, KY, USA.
    Amen. Things are getting out of control, why I'm not sure but we need to find out. I'm meeting with a man next week who I hope can shead some light on the subject. I'll let you know. Keep asking those questions.

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