6 year old murdered by police

Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by nwest, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. nwest

    nwest 12 pointer

  2. trust me

    trust me Troubled Loner

    Nov 27, 2004
    Jerkwater, KY
    Just another case of renegade racist white cops doing everything they can to keep the black man down...oh, wait. Never mind.
  3. nwest

    nwest 12 pointer

    You see thats part of the problem my friend. This is clearly spades, but we cannot call it such.
  4. EdLongshanks

    EdLongshanks 12 pointer

    Nov 16, 2013
    Northern Kentucky
    The case looks real bad for the cops. The body camera footage is apparently damning. Terribly sad for the poor young kid. It wasn't his fault his dad was a moron. Regardless, the cops should fry if they are found guilty. There has to be a way for law enforcement to identify scumbags within their ranks and have them removed.
  5. 120+

    120+ 12 pointer

    If the cops had been white and this was a 6 year old black kid the national guard would have already been called in.
  6. nwest

    nwest 12 pointer

    It appears that they will not though Ed. IMO Leo has went too far defending their own to keep form tarnishing the reputation. Now in the age of video everywhere people are starting to see that the percentage of scumbag/hall monitor mentality Leo is greater than we feared.
  7. KYBuckeye

    KYBuckeye 6 pointer

    Sep 2, 2012
    Harrison County
    When organizations force PD's to lower their standards or chose recruits that fill a particular column on a spread sheet, rather than the best person for the job, the result is people getting guns and badges that have no business doing so.

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  8. Xi Bowhunter

    Xi Bowhunter 12 pointer

    Nov 17, 2002
    Goetz Farm
    This is the truest statement that can be said about the situation. Give the jobs to the most qualified, not a paticular skin color to cover some sort of ethnic "quota".
  9. EC

    EC 12 pointer

    Jul 13, 2003
    Louisville, KY.

    I have a few relatives who are LEOs. They've been telling me the police are being federalized everywhere and essentially trained to "shoot first, ask questions later" reinforced with the idea of "pain compliance" (don't do what they say, then they'll hurt you). They're sick of the young morons, one of their words, they're bringing into the police force...because they have no regard for Constitutional rights. And most of the "new ones" seem afraid of their own shadows and are too quick on the triggers. One of them is nearing retirement and can't wait to get out.
  10. smashdn

    smashdn 12 pointer

    Nov 24, 2003
    Palmyra, Kentucky
    Heard nearly that same statement this past week.

    Apparently there are organizations pushing that departments are not diversified enough. My understanding is that there is a state exam that must be passed to be considered for LEO.
  11. KYote-Krusher

    KYote-Krusher 12 pointer

    Jan 12, 2006
    South Central Kentucky
    Isn't it amazing how all these news stories about black police officers killing white "offenders" almost NEVER mention race? Yet when it's the other way around, that's about all they do report.

    Maybe it's just me but even if it is, I'm damn sick of it.
  12. EC

    EC 12 pointer

    Jul 13, 2003
    Louisville, KY.
    Police kill more whites than blacks, but minority deaths generate more outrage

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