3 in 4 days


12 pointer
Oct 18, 2013
Salyersville, Ky
My goal this year was to have my kids all get a chance at a deer….and they succeeded in accomplishing what was set forth.
With school sports and my 8 day Iowa bow trip, last Saturday was their first day in the woods. My youngest twin got to shoot first since her brother thought she should lol. Sunday morning he got his chance and sealed the deal.
Today my oldest done what she has come accustomed to doing and dropped another great buck. To say my season is complete is an understatement.
I’ll be 40 the last day of this month.
Since my kids have been born and hunting, I’ve learned to measure by the memories, not by the antlers. If they want to shoot it and it makes them happy, I’m happy.
Happy hunting y’all
Ahh man, that's awesome. Congrats to everyone.

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