280 cal.


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Oct 13, 2015
any one use a 280 to deer hunt i just got one and was wanting to know a little about the 280 how close is it to the 7mm mag ?????


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Feb 16, 2019
Russell Co
I got a buddy thats killed a few deer with one. He’s got a ruger m77 stainless, it Does a good job, don’t know that it does any better or worse than a 7mm. With either of those it’s a good sized round and dead is dead lol


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Jan 26, 2009
northern ky
I've owned on since 1980 I love it, not a 7mm magnum but uses the same bullet, you can reload up to I think 180 gr as 270 is only 150.
Killed a many deer out to 450 yrds with it, 140 gr Sierra bullets is what I use now that I reload before I used 150 gr corelocks, the 280 ai is right up there with the 7mm mag.
I'm thinking of retiring mine as it's been shot so much the groups are starting to open up, I've hot Rodded it for yrs.
You will love it.

Little FR

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Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky

I’m kind of invested in .270 Win but I trust Ron Spomers opinion on the 7’s and .280’s.
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Oct 9, 2017
Central ky
I got 6 boxes right now 3 nosler 2 federal and one hornady that I’ve pick led up over the last couple months but it isn’t cheap by any means


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Jan 26, 2009
northern ky
I have never seen a boxs of 280ai in a store I'm shopping for a new rifle and it's between it and 7mm mag, I like the recoil better with the 280ai but I haven't even found brass for one.


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Aug 11, 2016
Was my deer rifle for over 20 years. It is an excellent choice. Not as flat at longer distances than 7 mm mag but in my opinion is as good as any non magnum caliber for deer.


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The 7mm-08 and 280 Rem have a similar relationship as the 308 WIN and the 30-06. The shorter round gets done what most of what the larger round does with a shorter cartridge.
If you're going to hunt deer in KY, probably the 7mm-08 is going to do the trick. The 280 REM allows higher velocities and bigger bullets, but at normal whitetail ranges, these differentiations are mostly moot. I will say that my new 7mm-08 did a remarkable job on a doe last year in its first time out, and it did it with negligible recoil. I was shooting a 139 grain Hornady SP and knocked her flat. As a 30-06 snob, I was amazed.

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