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    Don't get me wrong this is good news.

    But too bad most of those jobs are low paying min wage or slightly above jobs that most likely will be replaced by robots in the next 10 to 15 years.

    Jobs or rather wages have not kept up with inflation or the cost of living for years.
    It cost almost the same to live in a rural area as it does in many metro areas , rent and homes might be slightly cheaper but pretty much everything else is the same.

    I understand min wage is a starting point and not a living wage to raise a family wage. And
    I actually don't think we should have a Gov mandated wage, you should get paid what you are worth. The problem is most employers will pay as little as possible.

    My oldest is currently in the job market and the avg starting wage in the Richmond area is $10.50 and hour just try and live on that even if you are married and both making that (he's not married btw) He could make a little more driving to lex but the commute and gas would make it a wash, employees are also disposable and there is no life work balance, look at Hitachi always hiring because they can't keep people, starting wage there is $13 hour but they work people to death (almost) weeks even months with no days off deal with it or quit. Many manufacturing plants are this way.

    KY is one of the worst as far as employee wages. (Don't believe me look it up) Even WV has a higher avg income (again look it up)

    Not bashing Trump don't think min wage should be raised not making a case for Unions. Also not knocking KY many states are this way..

    Any jobs added is good news but I wouldn't be doing back flips.
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    Not to sure about the Most jobs being Min wage statement in what I read. Either way, 256K is a good thing regardless, in that mix we have more jobs than worker bees which gave Trump the green light to cut the SNAP benefits for those not willing. Trump 2020!!
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  3. “Employers will pay workers as little as possible” lol no shit? You realize that’s how it works see? Without gooberment interference a supply/demand equilibrium will happen. With gooberment interference it eventually happens anyway but with the gooberment interference figured in — i.e. increased retail prices FOR EVERYBODY. The economic law of supply and demand is undefeated. You can’t legislate it away, not even just a little.
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    Expect to see in-depth reporting on this on Always Bull Crap (ABC), See-BS and Nothing But Crap (NBC) tonight. Be sure to hold your breath!


    Manufacturing Jobs +54,000 in November; Up 510,000 Under Trump


    Record 28,350,000 Hispanics Employed in November

    158,593,000 Employed in November: 24th Record Breaker for Trump
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    PLEASE, please post some links about those low paying jobs.

    The Jobs Report does NOT say what you just posted.


    Here's one on wages GROWTH


    I just spend 2 weeks over the Thanksgiving holiday in Michigan with my cousins. things are booming up there. Her husband got 2 raises this year for one single reason, to KEEP him in the same company. Business is booming and several companies are trying to get him to move to them. With the LOW 3.5% unemployment companies are FORCED to pay more if they want to keep good workers. He's making over $250,000 a year and he's NOT in a union.

    I posted 2 links, PLEASE post some links.

    As for you NOT bashing Trump, That's all you are doing. Post after post you've done nothing but. You TRY to make it sound different but people are not blind, they can tell. Look at Nancy Pelosi, she's saying she doesn't hate anybpody but the whole world KNOWS she does because of everything she says EVERY DAY. Go back and re-read your own posts, every day good news comes out here you are trying to water it down people can see that.

    Sorry about your oldest BUT all though history people have MOVED to where the money is. They moved out west for the land, they moved for the gold, they moved to Detroit for the jobs, they moved to the Gulf and Alaska for the oil. People have ALWAYS moved. The ones that did move and did the job got what they wanted, the ones that stayed behind got what they wanted but make less money. I moved to Memphis to start my business, I sold it, retired and moved back to Paducah.
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    By the way, my normal work week was 50-60 hours a week and I owned my own business. If I worked 40 hours a week I would have lost half my business.
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  7. Most business owners work 60+ hours a week so you’re not gonna get any sympathy out of me crying about how many hours you gotta work. If you didn’t take steps to improve your marketability, rely on whatever zero skill job you can find and are still crying about it, again you will get no sympathy from me. Very few Americans on a % basis can’t do better than what they choose and settle for. Most everybody winds up getting back what they put in.
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    Jul 1, 2018
    Booming in MI? I have a couple dozen or so family members up there , people are leaving Michigan in droves, the old joke is last one that leaves MI please turn the lights off.
    There very well could be some areas doing well , but overall Michigans economy is not doing well thanks to years of Democrat control...

    As far links there are plenty out there LOOK.

    No I did not bash Trump never have.

    Trump has done a good job on many things but I will call him on it when he screws up, you refuse to do that, its nothing but praise adoration and worship.

    Again there are plenty of links that back what you say as well as what I stated, it's all in how you search.

    This is why I seldom post here the clique smells blood and they attack
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    Once again PLESASE post links to support YOUR story. I do NOT have to prove YOUR STORY.

    I posted links to back up my story. And now you want ME to find links to back up YOUR story. THAT is what you are doing.

    You DO bash Trump and at the same time say you don't. Your posts show it, they are a pattern. You might not see it but others do.

    Nobody can smell blood here, but they can read posts.
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    You have a lot of workers that are not worth paying more than minimum wage
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    Oct 11, 2005
    No truer words!
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    For every 100 manual laborers being replaced by robots how many more skilled technicians, robot salesmen, & robot designers will need to be hired to create sell and service the robots.
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    My biggest beef with Trump is he (apparently) is not aggressively going after these foreign tech maggots cutting off the rights' of people's free speech and he's (apparently) not aggressively going after deep swamp traitors.

    Maybe he's got too many fish to fry or he's holding off for some greater strategic move, I don't know.
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    You say "the avg starting wage in the Richmond area is $10.50" so that means that there are some above that wage. Have him get one of those jobs that pay above the average. Or, if the jobs in Lexington and/or Louisville pay better, MOVE!!!! There's nothing that says a person has to stay where they're from. And the reason the jobs are paying what they're paying in Richmond is because there's people willing to take them at that rate. He's got a choice to make--make a good living, or stay close to family. Sure, sometimes you get both, but it doesn't seem to be the case here. And if all those people are moving out of Michigan for good jobs somewhere else, he should find out where that place is and move there.

    The alternative is to take an entry level job and work your way up. If there's no opportunity in the first place, he doesn't have to stay there. Keep looking until he finds what he's looking for. No on is expected to keep working the same job, or even the same place their entire career anymore. Heck, most companies are only expecting to get 2 years out of someone before they move on.

    What's he into? I found 349 jobs paying $15 plus an hour within 10 miles or less of Richmond: https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=$30,000&l=Richmond,+KY&radius=10
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