2022 morel season

Luther's Feist

10 pointer
Oct 25, 2014
Coeburn, Va
I ain't been able to go shrooms hunting in a few days or fishing either for that matter. I believe shrooms season is winding down here and then gonna be a long wait till next year


12 pointer
Feb 21, 2007
found 10 nice blacks on thursday. went to check for more on saturday and found a couple yellows coming up so waited till sunday and went and looked again got 10 nice yellows. I picked close to 100 blacks from this spot last year and only picked maybe 15 this year hope they arent done.

mudhole crossing

12 pointer
Aug 20, 2007
East ky
Not what I was hoping to find


6 pointer
Feb 4, 2008
Funny story about the copperhead above, I must have nearly stepped on him, I picked a gray and looked over and seen 2 blacks. I walked over and picked them and looked back, said to myself, how did I miss that mushroom. Stood up and realized it was the copperhead with his head about 4 inches up with the copper side towards me and it was not a mushroom. I am not a fan of snakes with poison.

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