2013 Covert Pic's


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Nov 23, 2006
Leitchfield, Ky.
Here are a few of my favorite Covert pics from 2013! Sorry about the date and time on a few of the pictures, I actually had that camera stolen but the thief failed to see the other camera so I had his picture and was able to get my camera back! I'm still waiting on a few studs from last year to show back up but about 50% of these deer I didn't get a picture of last year. I have a ton of potential for next year but its gonna be hard to lay of a few of those good 8's!

My first picture of a bobcat and it's tore my nerves up! I've always wanted a full body mount!



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Dec 16, 2002
Wildcat Country, USA.
Good looking deer! I didn't look through these in great detail but it "appears to me" most of these deer are mature. I see a few younger deer but for the most part I'm not sure how much more bone they will put on next year? I could be wrong as well. Just what I thought I saw in these pics. They aint missed many meals!

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