2007 Ohio County Bow Kill


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Oct 25, 2004
Crooked Creek
Hey folks,

Been around for a while and finally able to post an animal I took a week ago from today 7 Nov 2007. Deer was taken in Ohio Co. with a bow late in the evening.

Got in the stand around 3:15 and almost imediately had deer moveing on a ridge beside me. turned out to be a momma and young doe being hounded by a fork horn. The does finally ran over to my ridge and the bigger doe actually bedded down about 40yds below me. I hadn't seen the buck pushing them yet, but he finally got in the bottom between the ridges and thats when I seen he was a youngster. I messed with him with the grunt tube to see how he would react. He would look in my direction, take a step, then I'd grunt again and he'd look back up. He let out one of the strangest grunts I've ever heard too down there....very long and low...gruuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnt. At any rate, he moved back up the other ridge out of sight.

The doe on my ridge got out of her bed about 4:30 and started feeding parallel to me up the ridge. This lasted about 10 min and the little fork horn came off the opposite ridge to try again. this time she trotted even closer to me and then stopped behind a small cedar. I lost sight of the little buck as he was about 40yds past her at this point. Suddenly I heard leaves and limbs cracking up the ridge, coming in my direction. I thought this was the little fork at first circleing, but then I heard the grunt. As soon as I heard the grunt I knew it was a different deer. I continued to hear this deer moving in my direction slow and steady and he was not trying to sneak in at all... finally I got a glimpse of him coming through a small thicket. leg, back then chest and then a head on of the antlers.....that first look is all I needed and never looked again until he turned broad side at 23yds. I had a limb in the way and had to squat just a touch to get under it and touched my release. I then saw the fletching disapear in the deers chest.

This is when it get's a lil strange. When I shot him he was about 5yds from the doe behind the cedar. They both jumped at the shot and she ran about 50yds and stopped. He ran about 35yds and stopped. I really expected him to go down there. She trotted off and I then saw the little fork move off also. The big deer stood steady for approx 3 min and then slowly walked off in the direction of the little buck and doe. Finally he walked out of sight and it was basically dark. Never heard a crash or thrashing.....so at that point I was about to hit the ultimate low....

Got out of the stand, found my arrow and it was covered in bright red and pink blood. I marked the hit area and pulled out till the next morning.

Thursday morning I went and hunted the same stand and didn't see a deer, got down and went to where I shot the deer. found hair but no blood. went to where he stopped for 3 min....no blood. walked down to where I last saw him and still no blood. I had my buddy Nick with me and he was like......let's go back to where you shot him and start over. I said ok. let me just go to this point and look down. I went 2 more steps and the deer was laying 10 yrds in front of me. stone dead. He traveled approx 70yrds from where he was shot with zero blood. Double lung shot just a touch back. entry wound was high in the chest and exit was just above the white belly hair line. Why no blood...???

At any rate. He's a good bow kill for me and another for the P&Y book.

Green scored gross at 156 7/8 and and net 154 3/8 19 1/2" inside

Sorry for the bad pics....but cell phone is all we had at the time




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Oct 25, 2004
Crooked Creek


Deer was shot with 90gr Muzzy 4 blade. complete pass through and head was basically un damaged after burrying up 6 inches in the dirt. one blade had some edge curl from a rib or from the ground.

Have shot several deer and hogs with these heads and all (til now) have left as good a blood trail as I'd expect from the hit location ect....

This deer was the strangest reacting (after the shot) deer I've ever shot.

Typically on a pass through lung/hart shot I will see the animal bound off about 20 - 30 yards, look around, put it's head to the ground, do the drunken sway and fall over stone dead.

A shot that hits shoulder or really cracks a rib they will run until they are out of air, blood or hit a tree.

This one......must just be a man.....he bounded, stopped, and then proceeded to walk off and then die at some point.


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Apr 9, 2006
Nice buck bullet!! I really don't understand why your buck didn't bleed any more than it did. No doubt something had to plug the lower hole. Whatever the reason you got yourself a dandy bowkill! Congrats!!

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