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    Aug 23, 2011
    Got a nice bird this morning. Should have been a double!!! I felt so bad for him. This was our first time hunting together, and his first chance to go this year. We were in birds all morning. We changed locations, and I saw him jack a shell in the chamber. Slipped down a fence row and setup. I call, and get an immediate gobble. Call again, and answer. Two birds came in a string, and the one on his side was the boss. On 3!.... 1-2-bang, but only one bang. His gun didn't jack a shell in the chamber. At first I thought I had screwed him over and he didn't hear me count. He said he pulled the trigger 5 times lol. Finally jacked a round in and shot, but the bird was too far by then. We'll double up next time bud. 11.5" heavy beard, 1" spurs. 4 minutes from first call to shot. A turkey hunter needs some luck like that every now and then.

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    Congrats. Thats how it goes sometimes.

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    Mar 24, 2016
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    I called in a bird for a friend a week ago Sunday, that wound up being 3 birds. I was setup behind him, so no way I could shoot without killing his ear. A bird about like the one I killed yesterday strolled in to 20 yards, fanned out and looked dead at him. Nothing between them but air. He pulled the trigger and "click". He has a new SBE2, and fiddled around with switches and things on the gun, pulled the trigger a couple of more times. Bird just stands there staring. He finally told me to "shoot that $%#@." I said "I can't, I'll blow your ear drum out." Bird just stands there. I finally told him to shuck another shell. He reaches up, jacks a shell in, and shoots the bird. This took over a minute to play out, and all 3 birds just stood there. Can't believe that happened. I've never been on a hunt before where someone had a misfire, and had two on successive Sunday mornings. When he loaded his gun, he slid the action back far enough to put a shell in the chamber. I've been told a SBE will not fire if you do that, and I saw it happen.
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    The famous Benelli click. Have to slam em shut. It's crazy how birds act so differently sometimes. Those odd stories are usually memorable hunts though.
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    Couldn't agree more!

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