15 Oct roll call


Mar 11, 2019
Oldham Co.
Southeast corner of Oldham.

Friday got busier than I hoped leaving me little prep time, so I’m in my tower and not one of my stands.

Now to sit back and watch the world wake up.


12 pointer
Feb 25, 2007
I’m in. My keen heightened senses can smell my gun oil. I hope that is a good sign that I’m ready and hitting on all cylinders! Something got the geese riled up already, they were flying this morning too. Hot and windy. Crickets chirping in October, weird feeling.
Oct 5, 2022
Pike County, KY
Checking in from Pike County (Elkhorn Creek). Sitting just below ridge line on a flat where old log roads meet. What little wind is hitting me is in the face. Beautiful morning.

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