15 horses shot in eastern ky

Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by CRFmxracer, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Dark Cloud

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    You keep making excuses , for the owners of these horses, there is no excuse ,for not taking care of your property .If you can’t control it ,you don’t need it, and you don’t turn it out for others to deal with.
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    Nov 23, 2019
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    If you are addressing me, you are in gross error, being that I am not making excuses for the behavior of anyone in Kentucky, nor elsewhere. Although we kept our fences extremely well maintained, there were a couple of instances where they were broken by livestock. It can simply and very easily occur, regardless of constant inspection and proper maintenance, and if anyone having kept livestock for an extended time tells you otherwise, I would be doubtful. The rare occasions that it occurred upon our farm, a neighboring farmer or two were kind enough to contact us,, but others are not always so fortunate. Once the livestock exit their own territory, their behaviors can easily change, and sometimes drastically, depending upon circumstances, many times unknown, regardless of whether they are frequently handled. I would tend to think that many people in Kentucky already know that to be fact.
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    Dec 21, 2014
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    Whos making excuses for these people?
    Im just saying legalizing slaughter plants again wont make the wild eky herd magically disappear.
    You me and the fencepost i think this shooter was onto something--as long as a good ethical shot is pulled. And i AM a horseperson.
    People may be less likely to dump if they know their horses are going to get shot.
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    Mar 9, 2010
    10 pages? Y’all are really beating a dead horse.
  5. ribsplitter

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    Jan 19, 2004
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    Let Kdfwr manage them and it will cure all of the problems.
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    Dec 21, 2014
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    Maybe theyre part of encouraging bears and mtn lions to take hold...
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    Feb 16, 2019
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    Next headline “kdfwr releasing mtn lions in eastern ky to regulate feral horse populations”
  8. bondhu

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    Jul 3, 2015
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    Nov 16, 2013
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  10. Stone Branch

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    Jun 27, 2019
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    My new property came with a pony. I mentioned it to the Pastor who passed the word along.

    IMG_0028 (1200 x 675).jpg
    A month later when I met the drunken cowboy trespassing through he told me about 2 dead horses back on the ridge.

    IMG_0066 (1) (1200 x 675).jpg

    On one hand I saw the horse as a free spirit out making a living on his own and kind of felt bad in that I had a hand in his demise. On the other hand the horse ate 25 pounds of deer mineral in a week and I didn't have to do it myself. I guess the point that I am getting at is that perhaps the shooter of the dead horses in the news should come forth to collect his $20,000 reward.

  11. kyhunter99

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    Dec 21, 2014
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    That first horse is a nice looking pony!
    Reminds me of a gypsy vanner. Though i see it might have been crazy and thats why it was abandoned. Dang, too bad no one claimed it. Drunken cowboy was probably the owner?
  12. coach&hunt

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    Dec 17, 2013
    Real problem in eastern Kentucky I’d say someone got tired of them and decided to thin the heard. I have had some experiences with them in eastern Kentucky, and totally understand while someone would shoot em.
  13. carnivore

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    Nov 17, 2007
    Hope they picked up their brass.
  14. 00noturkey

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    Oct 31, 2011
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    i only got two horses, they respect the fence. they have got loose 3 times. once, was my fault for thinking they would stay an the lawn grass, to eat. they heard some horses up the street, and took off. the other two times, was a neighbors horse, and the other neighbors steer got loose, an knocked the fence down. if i decide to get rid of them, if i cant find a home for them, i would rather have them put down. then cut them loose. it wouldnt be fair to them, nor right by me. even/if people could eat horses that have be wormed, that is the last thing i would do. my horses deserve better. siblings, gotta think about it. solvent green..
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    Ever walked the horse trails in LBL?
    There's enough aluminum beer cans left by the riders to support feeding dozens of horses, maybe these horse lovers should carry out what they pack in and donate it to a group to go find homes for these abandoned horses.

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