11-8-19 roll call.


10 pointer
Aug 7, 2012
Left my climber and rattling horns on tree in Jefferson last night and back in it. Awesome feel to the woods today! Dead calm and a serious crunch to the leaves. No deer sneaking in on me today like yesterday in the wet & wind.


6 pointer
May 27, 2016
Cold and windy here in Floyd county pants aren’t as wind proof as I thought. Watching some crows fight a red tail


10 pointer
Nov 28, 2014
western ky
Bad start , one of my climber pins must be in truck or Indiana on ground. Stashed climber in woods and went to nearby old stand , maybe a blessing in disguise. I hope, but if no action this morning its back to Indiana where the rut seems a little ahead of us

Lady Hunter

12 pointer
Jan 12, 2009
3 mature does & a fawn out back. Fawn was trying to nurse one minute & trying to mount the next. Must be a button buck....

Huntin' Fool

6 pointer
Oct 17, 2014
Left my climber in last night going to hunt it this morning. Seen 4 bucks last night all cruising. One 9 point that put me on edge I’d say 130 range came in grunting every breath tore me up but I decided to let him walk. Good luck to all
I had one come in twice like this last friday and had me all shook up. Didnt want to use my buck tag yet but man it was awesome.


12 pointer
Apr 3, 2007
The morning started out good. I had a decent buck come in right after good shoring light. Then I had a buck chasing across the hill. Then the poaching neighbors started. 1 of them shot up on the next ridge over after that I had to listen to there 4 wheelers run for 30 mins. They rode over to where the shot came from. I guess they finished cause they finally went back out the ridge and hit the road. I forget what state there from but they sure stay on the roads and shoot alot

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