11/25/22 - Christian Co. Buck


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Jun 12, 2005
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I’m a little slow to post with a busy weekend …. but was able to pull the trigger on a decent 10 point last Friday afternoon. He’s a main frame 10 with a broke brow and g-4 on his left beam.

Which I think I’ve hunted every blind and stand on our place through gun season and honestly Friday afternoon was going to be my last gun hunt with other obligations through the weekend. Been seeing plenty of deer in general but mainly small bucks and nothing I even remotely wanted to punch my buck tag on.

I decided on the drive over I was just going to sit in our permanent blind on our back field / food plot area. Didn’t have much expectation and just wanted a comfortable sit…. heck it was close to 2pm before I even got to the blind. Which I’m settled in and honestly eating some snacks … drinking a gator-aid and about 3:30 this buck decided to amble across the field in front of me.

I had recently picked up a Winchester XPR in 6.5 Creedmoor and decide to leave my model 70 (30-06) at home. So this was my first time hunting with it and had it sited in with Hornady Precision Hunter 143gr ELD-X ammo. One shot high shoulder at just a little under 100 yds and the buck dropped right there. Which I have to admit, I am pretty impressed with this ammo. I’ve hunted with 270 and 30-06 for the last 40 years and will honestly say this buck got smacked as hard as any buck I’ve killed. It was a true bang flop and went straight down.

Kind of one of those hunts where my expectations were not very high and don’t have a clue what possessed this buck to come across the field in what I consider early afternoon. But sometimes the Lord just blesses you and no reason to second guess how your luck can change quickly.





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