May 28, 2003
In the basement
Got home from work about 5:30. Asked the wife if any deer had been in the field out back. "I ain't seen any since real early this morning."
I cracked open a beer and walked out on the back deck to take a piss. About 300 yards up the hill I saw a rack! Grabbed my back door gun (.300 WBY), and leveled down on him off the deck railing. He looked good enough, especially with duck season upon me. I touched it off and he never twitched. Finished my beer, hopped in the Polaris with Jr, and loaded him up. I'm tickled with him. Funny how it works out sometimes boys.
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I piss off my back deck, back porch, basement patio, front sidewalk, behind the wood pile, He'll just where ever I'm at an have to go.
Nov 17, 2011
The wife sent me this pic in the backyard as I was driving home from work today.


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