11/21 roll call


May 28, 2003
In the basement
Well… the mid day box blind set was a bust all but for the turkey show. We sat there until 1:50 decided to head back to the house for an hour nap. The heater in the box blind had run out of LP so on the way out for the evening set I grabbed 3 LP bottles and we pulled up next to the blind and left the ranger running while I changed the LP out. I looked out the blind and here comes a button buck. I finished with the heater walked back to the ranger and said do you see the deer? He wanted to shoot, I convinced him to wait and we headed to the other side of the farm. We had a spike come out for a bit and he said I will wait. Around 4:30 I saw movement in the woods when I glassed the area I saw a doe and a little higher in the woods I could see a buck. He was on lockdown with her, she would move he would move and cut her off. Finally she came across the creek and I could see him coming. Got Connor on the gun and told him where to watch. He said I see him, I kept having to back him off the scope. Keep in mind the rain and humidity was playing hell on every piece of optic glass we had. He said it is fuzzy and sure enough it was fogged. I wiped it clean and he got back on the gun and again I backed him off the scope. The buck stoped out at 70 yards I asked if he was ready and he said yes so I reached and cocked the hammer. He asked can I shoot when I am ready? I answered yes. A few seconds later that little 243 barked the buck buckled to his knees and started pushing back towards the creek. I said great shot now hand me the gun. As I take the gun I see the buck flip backwards and then I here it put a bump on my head.

Skipping forward now. I back the ranger into the creek and I walked him over to his new trophy. When I pulled the rack out of the ground where it buried its self when he flipped backwards all of Connors concerns about his scope bump went away. I checked for the entrance hole and he had made a perfect heart shot.

I dont have to say how concerned I was just a few seconds after such amazing excitement or how happy and proud I am. Thank You Connor for being as passionate about the outdoors as your Dad is.

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Congratulations Connor
Nice deer

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