11-12-2009 Archery Buck


6 pointer
Oct 25, 2004
Crooked Creek
Hey all,
Wanted to share my bow kill from yesterday evening. I took this deer at 4:35 in the evening in Ohio County. He was chasing a doe with a smaller buck. They ended up on a ridge next to me and settled down on the chasing. I grunted about 3 times at this deer at about 100 yrds and he payed a little attention. About 5 minutes later I heard him walking parallel to me and grunted 4 more times....(one long and three tending) and he commited. He ended up broadside at 24yrds.

Main frame 11 with 3 kickers. G2's just over 11" I have not put a tape on him but I know he will gross in the 160's and net 145 - 150. I'll let you know when I get a tape on him.

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