04/23 who’s hunting!


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Feb 16, 2019
Russell Co
I’m back out, makes 8th day in a row. I’ve heard 2 distant birds so far. They will have to cross the property line and a holler to get here. We shall see, I haven’t had good luck getting them to cross a holler but anything can happen with these crazy critters lol good luck to all


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Jan 26, 2009
northern ky
Got on one early came straight down the field misjudge the distance and rolled him with the 410 stepped it off at 52 steps thought it was 40, found a couple breast feathers but I never found anything else.


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Dec 26, 2019
Had 3 gobbling early...one 100 yards off but no dice. What I thought was a Tom was a decoy. The trespasser got up and started walking out. When we moved we couldn't find him. He must have laid down in the grass bc when walked 200 yards we saw him again sneaking out. No vehicle parked anywhere. Texted landowner and he caught him walking down the road.
Nov 7, 2021
Sounds l
I finally made it out for an early morning hunt! My new job has kept me from hunting mornings. I normally haven’t hit the woods until 9 o’clock. All week gobbling has been sparse and I’ve dealt with henned up birds. Good luck to anyone that made it out today!

Update…. had lots of gobblers around me this morning. They gobbled from the roost then absolutely silent all day. I’ve put on five mile’s climbing up and down these hills not a single reply so far. Beautiful day to be out I’ve been scouting sheds and old deer sign more than hunting!

Little FR

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Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
I was in, set up, bet I heard 200 gobbles before sunrise… then a shot, close enough I covered my eyes and put head down so shot wouldn’t rain down on me from the roost blast.

30 minutes later a hen flew down by me and hung out. All morning.

At 9:30 I struck a bird. I put a hen decoy 60 yards behind my setup position. He came over 600 yards, the last 300 through the middle of an open field. I thought. He’ll see the decoy and hang up about 80 from it. Nope, he hangs up 140 from the decoy and 80 from me. Feeding purrs, scratch leaves, soft cluck, breeding whine… nothing.

Hear a distant gobble and he runs back whence he came. Time for church.


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Dec 26, 2004
Western Ky.
I set up to work the birds I knew were down a big hill in the woods. Instead of being in this spot I hear them a quarter of a mile away. Well, I set tight and do my stuff and I hear they have come my way. About 10:00 I hear one fire off less than a 100 yards. I finally see them working my way. The downside…. All three are jakes. All that time for nothing. I thought one may be a longbeard by they way he gobbled but he fooled me. Back to the drawing board.


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Aug 29, 2010
East Ky
After calling in 6 birds for other people, I decided to pull the trigger myself today.



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