1. D

    Hunting WMAs in purchase area region

    I am new to the area and have been out in a few of the wmas, pennyrile, lbl etc. Ive done some scouting and studied terrain via maps and apps. Just wanting some advice for hunting pennyrile and jones keeney, lbl. Not looking for the your spots, just want to know how i can maximize the hunting...
  2. J

    Public Hunting Advice

    Hello All, This October will be my first time hunting in Kentucky. I am looking for some advice on public locations. Some areas that have sparked my interest are Higginson-Henry WMA, Pennyrile, and Peabody. I wish I lived closer to be able to scout these areas myself. Do these areas offer...
  3. B

    Georgia boy took the big buck i was after in Pennyrile !!!!

    As I was walking in around 12 to the stand out came 2 hunters with a deer thought I would check it out if it was the one I was after. well it was and was bigger then I even thought. i think i have seem more Georgia hunters in Kentucky then i have seen Kentucky hunters. its ok i should of been...