1. Average guy outdoors

    Kentucky newbie

    I am a avid Turkey hunter Except I come from Iowa we are moving into the state right over Turkey season so I have no idea what y'alls public land is like or what the turkeys do any tips for a Guy that's not new Turkey hunting but new to y'alls public land and how the turkey's act. Like for...
  2. msuratt78

    What are the best brands for small food plots that doesn't require machinery?

    I am looking for a fast growing food plot that I can plant for fall and spring seasons. There are so many brands out there. I would like to know what brands y'all had luck with.
  3. J

    2014 John deere 825i Asking $11,000

    Atv is pending sale... not a done deal yet but pending.. Call David Washle 502-693-2252 2014 John Deer XUV 825i PS in excellent condition. Tracks were a $5000 option. Original wheels and tires come with sale. Extra light bars included, 106.9 hours on the engine, Camo Plast tracs was $5,000...
  4. J

    Sold Flir ThermoSight RS64 2x16x Thermal Rifescope

    Sold. Thank you. Selling for a friend. Not sure what to ask. He just told a guy $2200 but he is open to offers. In excellent condition selling for a friend he bought a new scope please send me an offer or any questions. He paid over $5000 new for it but hes open to offers, and knows he...
  5. J

    SOLD 2018 Argo conquest 8x8 xti open to offers located in Big Clifty KY

    Sold. Great Vehicle for hunting especially duck hunting Open to offers Reduced $19900 was $24,500 obo Located in Big Clifty, KY In Excellent Conditon Exterior is Camo and interior is Black. Only has 7 hours usage asking $24500. Posting for a friend if you are interested please contact us...
  6. A

    Western ky leases?

    New to the forum, have hunted in Carlisle county for years. Just looking for spot somewhat easier to manage for my father and i. Have a floating blind, decoys,whole 9 yards to set up a spot. Willing to pay good money for the right place!
  7. Rut-n-Strut

    One Thrilling Hunt, 2 deer down!!!

    Taken 11/12/19. This buck was chasing does on November 12th. I put him down at 3:00 PM..the same time I put a buck down on 11/11/18! I managed to get the thrilling hunt on camera too which I was really excited about!
  8. MadMan

    Slingshot Small Hunting!

    Slingshot Small Game Hunting Thread! Hi everyone, I am new and was looking for information about slingshot hunting or any hunters here, and not found one. So, here we go! Take photos of your slingshots. Which one do you use? DYI slingshots? Rabbits, squirrels? I have a Wisdoman, but can't figure...
  9. Matthew300

    10 mm carbine

    10 mm carbine for hunting white tails out of a tree stand? What do you think?
  10. JG26_Irish

    Daniel Boone National Forrest Oct Squirrel Hunt - Cave Run Lake

    Notice - I have elected to cancel this event for this year due to the exteme drought and limited squirrel crop this season in the vicinity. I will likely still be out in the woods weather permitting but just not attempting any campout. Irish Any of you all interested in taking part in a...
  11. Tyler Bacic

    Mill Creek WMA

    lost my hunting lease an recently broke my foot so I’m in a walking boot. Itching to get in the woods anyone have any info about this wma? Anything helps an I know there’s better options it’s just close to home so please if you have any advice let me know. Thanks in advance.
  12. Tyler Bacic

    In a Crunch....

    The farm I'd been leasing for the past 5 years just sold and I'm now out of a hunting spot other than public land. What public land spots would be best to hunt near madison county with not only bow, but muzzleloader and gun as well. Appreciate any feedback, in a crunch now with muzzleloader two...
  13. Johnson Jeremiah

    SOLD - HeartBreaker Bow

    ITEM NO LONGER AVAILABLE Bowtech HeartBreaker - women's compound bow - Camo w/ pink strings - adjustable pull weight and draw length Lowered to $300 Comes with pictured items. Has a fall away arrow rest, Tru Glow Site and Octane Stabilizer Located in Jessamine County
  14. Big_Steve

    Blind hunting basics

    My wife bought me a blind and I have yet to hunt with it. The only hunting I have done from a blind was coyote, and that was on someone else's set up. I am hoping to use it for deer, turkey, and possibly bear. If I hunt on public land, can I just go our pre-dawn and set up my blind and wait...
  15. Big_Steve

    Evening Squirrel Hunting

    I know some people hunt squirrel in the evenings, but I have always been a morning hunter. Lately, though I am having more free time in the evenings. So my question is what time do you see activity in the evening? Is it after sunset or just before?
  16. R

    Waterfowl Habitat Management

    Hey KY Hunters! I am in search of a guide/ internship/career opportunity with a waterfowl outfitter that has properties that they manage(plant plots, moist soil units, water management, etc..) I graduated with a degree in restoration ecology and have been working as a forest restoration...
  17. TPHunt2Eat

    Good Squirrel Recipes

    Anyone have any good recipes for squirrel? I like to hunt some squirrels occasionally but I have never found a way I like to cook them. Opening day is today so good luck, squirrel hunters!
  18. Martin B

    Online shopping

    What gear do you guys find is easy to buy online? Where do you shop to get the best deal? I'm a big fan of BAM Outdoors, especially with their membership I can get gear WAY cheaper than other places...
  19. revwilder

    PITO Deer Hunt Promo

    Watch the video and then go to our website and get started to send your Pastor on a retreat.
  20. O

    Mountain Monsters

    Anybody watch the show mountain Monsters on destination America? I'm sitting here watching it right now and the boys are in eastern ky hunting a werewolf ( yeah, ok) .. the other day they were in South Central ky hunting a Bigfoot. ( Yeah sure) You absolutely can't make this nonsense up lol...