1. PrimeTine

    ISO Food plots for hire in Wolfe county

    Looking for someone that can I can hire to spread fertilizer, kill weeds, and then come back to do the food plots in august
  2. C

    Trying to get a buck before Archery closes

    Hello all, I am still trying persistently to tag a buck before season comes to a close. I live near Williamsburg and have been hunting the DBNF and Beaver Creek WMA. The deer numbers appear to be fairly low deer numbers than I am used to hunting in the midwest. My primary areas have dwindled...
  3. Rut-n-Strut

    One Thrilling Hunt, 2 deer down!!!

    Taken 11/12/19. This buck was chasing does on November 12th. I put him down at 3:00 PM..the same time I put a buck down on 11/11/18! I managed to get the thrilling hunt on camera too which I was really excited about!
  4. Gootee

    Girlfriend’s 152” Buck

    I took my girlfriend hunting for the first time on Saturday morning and she shot this stud! And with a crossbow! I was so excited and happy for her and I was able to video the whole hunt! The link to the video is here if you guys wanna watch it!
  5. Rut-n-Strut

    Success!!! A Storied History with 10-pointer Comes to An End!

    I have a long history over the years with this buck and one of his bachelor buddies. I was proud to take him this past week at 3:30 PM! Interesting enough, I hadn't seen him in person or any pictures up until about a week or two prior. A 100 yard shot dropped him in his tracks! It's the first...
  6. Tyler Bacic

    Success to hunting the Rut

    So I myself have never actually used a grunt call, rattle, or even some code blue doe estrous, which is more likely to bring the big one in and how should it be used?
  7. Gioacchino

    Neat Experience with NKY Buck

    A buddy and I were out scouting and putting cams up and had a pretty neat encounter with a buck. Nothing "insane", but definitely the closest I've ever been to a living deer.
  8. crocodilerunge

    Mason County 14 pt

    Got the biggest deer I'll ever see at age 20. Finally got approved to post stuff, so here's my harvest from Mason county, 11/9/14 with a Marlin X7Y .308. Base 6x6, with a sticker and drop tine. He's got some smaller stickers in the same area and one at the base of the right antler too, but I...
  9. K

    Cold tempuratures set the rut on fire

    So iv been reading a lot of post about the rut here through out Kentucky. This morning was the first time yet this season i have seen any signs of rutting activity! I hunt in north/central Kenton county and bucks were on does all morning. I watched multiple bucks chasing numerous does, which...
  10. Sharp38

    mckenzie 8400, 9800, or 64u?

    Having a hard time picking the form I want to use I like these three but which is the best looking to really show my buck off. Thanks for any pics or advice about these three
  11. A

    Freaky Friday! White buck sheds & freaks

    Possibly the coolest shed footage I've seen, just saw it yesterday and farely new. Enjoy guys, hit the pause button a couple times as he sheds and youll see em flying. http://huntervids.com/?videos=wisconsin-white-deer-surprised-by-shed-1613
  12. A

    Attention Plz: Part 2, Full story of the amazing buck attacking dead buck video

    No words to be said here except for enjoy and this is a video released today that responds and is the full footage with photos and more from the video that went viral a few weeks ago. http://huntervids.com/?videos=colorado-mule-deer-hunt-and-buck-attack-part2
  13. keith meador

    2012-2013 deer harvest pics

    Ladies and gentlemen, please post up your deer harvest pics here. Please do not respond to pics/posts, as it decreases the clutter, and makes viewing pics easier for everyone. If you would like to post up a harvest story along with your pic, please do so here. If you would like to post up a...
  14. kentuckyoutdoorsman

    shed hunting

    im going down to otter creek in meade county this weekend to do a little scouting nd was wondering were the best place to look for sheds would be.
  15. D

    8 pointer taken at henry county last night

    nice 8 that i killed last night, shot it with my remington .270. g1's are about 16 inchs long
  16. C

    Need help judging this buck

    I need help scoring this buck. Take some looks and give me your best guess.
  17. K

    Age This Wooly Mammoth Unihorn

    I'm thinking 6-7, maybe older. What's your guess?
  18. carnallbuck

    Growing good so far

  19. malachi83

    Spencer County Youth Hunt Buck

    Anyone heard anything about the supposed 230" inch deer that was harvested last weekend during the youth hunt in Spencer County. Heard it grossed over 230 and netted 218 green score. I'd like a pic if anyone has one.