big buck

  1. K

    2018-2019 Big Buck / Any deer Contest! $5000

    At Summit Meat Processing we are having a huge contest this year! There will be over $5000 in prizes with a very nice ($1700) Smith and Wesson M&P 10 for first place in the Big buck division! Also lots of prizes for the drawing portion where you can enter smaller bucks as well as does...
  2. Gootee

    140" Whitetail 2 years ago, Looking forward to 2017 Season!

    We are pumped for deer season! Already been in the woods for a couple of sits, but only some does so far. In honor of deer season starting I figured I'd post some pics of a buck we were lucky enough to get 2 years ago! Even got the hunt on film, which was awesome! Here is the link to the...
  3. B

    Georgia boy took the big buck i was after in Pennyrile !!!!

    As I was walking in around 12 to the stand out came 2 hunters with a deer thought I would check it out if it was the one I was after. well it was and was bigger then I even thought. i think i have seem more Georgia hunters in Kentucky then i have seen Kentucky hunters. its ok i should of been...
  4. H

    Could it be the "Big 8" from last year?

    Hey guys, Just got my first pictures of the season from the trail cam and I am wondering if one of the bucks I got a picture of could be the same "big 8" I've been watching for over 2 years now. I've never tracked bucks this early in the season, so it's hard for me to look at one at this stage...
  5. redbone

    Big Buck Interview.

    Here's one of the interviews that Kelly and I did this past summer in Lewis Co. Darrell Armstrong's 2006 buck.