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    Owen County Deer Harvest

    One thing is for sure after the first couple days of gun season the deer go nocturnal quick on the 140 acres I live on there is very minimum pressure from me and my son ample food and cover but the deer still shut down during daylight movement due to pressure and abnormal vehicle traffic on...
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    Owen County Deer Harvest

    I live in Owen Co and the deer and turkey numbers are definitely down on the properties that I’m hunting. The decline I’ve seen in deer is in the doe population and for the last 4 years the turkey population is not even close to what it once was and I believe that there are multiple reasons for...
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    Turkeys populations

    Ive filled my tags the last several years now but this year things could change due to the declining number on the farms I hunt in Owen Co. In my line of work I travel quite a bit in three other Northern Kentucky counties and road side sightings seem to be down as well in spots I normally see...
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    Anyone left with a cow tag!

    I don't have a gun tag but I do have a archery tag. I'm planning on hunting this weekend down that way.
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    Thick skull vs maturity

    The Taxidermist I go to has told me for the last 10 years that he has noticed that the older age bucks have had thicker skulls.
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    Heavy 10 point

    OK !!! For anybody out there that questions whether or not I killed this deer legal my name is Kevin Hill I live at 6860 Cull Road Worthville Ky my number is 1-502-750-1862 give me a call send the game warden to check things out I have nothing to hide !
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    Heavy 10 point

    I have had stands , cameras ,Trophy Rock and a battery out of my feeder stolen off this property over the last few years which I have had and continue to have soul hunting rights to I also got pictures of a guy in full camo no orange with a single shot shotgun with a scope on it during gun...
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    Heavy 10 point

    I have watched this buck for three years but that didn't give me the right to claim him until I killed him as far as I know the State of Kentucky is the only one that can claim a live wild deer in this state . I have been talking to Bowguy25 through pm's and also gave him my phone number...
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    Split Ear is Down!!!

    Congrats ! that is a hoss !!
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    Heavy 10 point

    I am friends with one of the owners of Real World Whitetails and Real World Wildlife Seed and they have produced a couple of videos to promote real world hunters and have more coming out but have been put on the back burner because their seed company has really taken off and they are working...
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    Heavy 10 point

    I had my own trail cam pictures of the Buck he didn't send me pictures of him bowguy25 just posted his on this site which if you go back and read that was a request from somebody else on the site .
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    Heavy 10 point

    I told my close friends a couple years ago that if they didn't know where I killed a big buck then they wouldn't have to lie when somebody asked , only one other friend knows where the land is and that's because he lives there and helped me drag it out .
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    Heavy 10 point

    I don't know what he weighed I would've liked to have known myself he was all me and a friend wanted to drag.
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    Heavy 10 point

    Thanks for the compliments . I had this deer at ten yards last year and due to messing with my camera trying to capture everything on video I didn't have my bow in hand and ready which cost me , this year the buck came in I reached over to adjust my camera and when I turned back around he was...
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    Heavy 10 point

    The crab claw picture is from last year I have several of him and in other pictures you can see similarities in the rack from last year till now .
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    Miday, evening hunting

    Midday and evening can be just as good hunting as early morning , I killed one this evening around 7:30 pm He worked to the call and decoy perfectly.
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    How many members killed

    I killed a doe with My bow the first weekend in Nov. but couldn't get a picture to post , going to buy bonus tags and try to put a few more in the freezer before the season is over.
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    Son's first deer

    congrats to you and your Son.
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    243 Ammo HELP

    That's what I meant buy my comment , what ever caliber use are shooting shot placement is key!
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    Son's Opening Day Buck

    My Son had a goal to kill a typical 10 pt. this year and by 7:30 sat. morning He had this one on the ground. Just after daylight we could hear a buck thrashing trees below us and a few minutes later he came out in a field chasing 3 does and got away before Wyatt could get a shot about 20 minutes...

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