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  1. stanmanhale

    City of Murray, KY to discuss weapons ban

    was reading the news paper this evening and saw this Weapons ban discussion set for committee By KRISTIN TAYLOR Staff Writer Weighing residents' safety and their rights, a group of councilmen will continue their discussion about Murray Police Chief Ken Claud's proposal to ban weapons within...
  2. stanmanhale

    last years velvet deer

    This is the deer i got last year on the 2nd weekend of rifle season. hadn't even seen a buck on the farm i was hunting and was surprised to see him outta nowhere.....he was between 200 and 250yards and looked pretty good....steadied the 7mag on my shooting sticks and let it rip...clean
  3. stanmanhale

    bowfishin fun

  4. stanmanhale

    arrow fletching

    ok i have finally broke down and bought a blitzenburger fletching jig...with right helical question is what type or kind of glue works best or is the tape the best....and what kind of vanes does anyone suggest??? i have just started and have some 4 inch plastic vanes and fletch tite...
  5. stanmanhale

    Stupid mistake........

    i strictly have to hunt on the ground....back injury with 3 surgury's later make sure of that....doctors order because my legs are numb and balance is terrible...well have got a couple of pop-up blinds i use...not too bad and i am beggining to like them more and more...well sat. afternoon was in...
  6. stanmanhale

    1ST hen

    went deer hunting fri. luck with the deer....i was using a ground blind due to a back injury which keeps me on the ground...any way around 8 oclock three turkeys come into site ...they worked around for about 20 min and finally got close enuff for a shot...the blind worked great...

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