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    ice storm effects on 3d shoots

    Travis, I talked to some of White Oaks members today and they said the shoots will go on. White Oak,like all clubs in the ice storm area,sustained a lot of damage to trees on the range and blockage of trails and shooting lanes but they have some hard working members that will have it ready for...
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    Help with old Hoyt

    Jack, The V-round was always a lot of work to set up properly and always hot out in that July sun! but if shooters had continued to come out in #'s and enjoyed the course then we would have been glad to provide the field for them.The problems you remember several years ago with the V-round...
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    Help with old Hoyt

    No "bother" Jack,it is good to see you shooting again. Leave me your cell # on my "home" answer machine and I will get back with you...I promise it wont be erased this time!.....Hey, was that a "Raptor" with Command Cams? Yes Keith, t'was no rumor about the BGSG being 3d both days with day one...
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    Help with old Hoyt

    Hello Jack, I think Keith gave you some good information and a pretty good clue to what may be going with your rig....something has sure moved and a good inspection of the string/cables is in order if you have not replaced the string/cables in a while. I think I still have the "spec sheets"...
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    archery ranges near Lexington?

    Zeno44, If you enjoy 3D archery and live near Lexington, you are a very lucky archer! Besides the ranges mentioned, there are several ranges within less than an hours drive from Lexington. Cedar Hills (near Harrodsburg) is a commercial range that has a 3D course open 7 days a week and there are...
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    bullet setback

    Mike, Good luck with your bullet making endeavor. It may be of interest to know the "maker" of your dies and the jackets you use. Do you plan on any "lighter" .30's in the furure? I would assue with your working with the .30 Major (Grendel?) that you may try some in the 110-112 gr range? TIA for...
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    Some of my favorite pics

    Great pictures Joe!....and good information about the "link" to the "Kentucky Conservation Coalition". Do you have any idea how many members there are presently? Thanks -H
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    Our thanks to the Mercer County Crew!

    Rick, It was good to see you "on the range" again and I'm really pleased to hear your dad and Maggie Lewis enjoyed the shoot. The Clubs very existence depends on shooters enjoying the shoots and all our members have that same goal.....thanks to you and Keith for the "kind words" about the Mercer...
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    6mm bullet recommendations

    Auk, I agree with Ace and kytrapper, I feel that the 85 grain Nosler Partition would be a good choice. Your 6BR with it's 1-10 twist should stabilize that weight bullet well and deliver velocities in the 3100 fps or better. My only experience with a 6BR has been in 1-14 twist barrels but the BR...
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    Dead horse alert...broadhead suggestions

    Whiterubi, Keith gives good advice, whatever you "choose to use" must be sharp and most of the time "right out'da package" needs some work..... I personally use a mechanical that I know Keith does not like but they work for me....most of the time giving very good blood trails and sometimes...
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    How was mercer today ??

    It was the first time this year that the weather cooperated for the Mercer Club!, We had 82 shooters. I hope a good time was had by all...some of the "usual characters" were absent such as yourself,"Naturalite" and Keith Meador....hope y'all make it next time. -H
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    anderson county shoot?

    David, Sorry I did not reply sooner but just as soon as I added to this thread I left to "fire up" the stove in the club house....but to answer your question, (a little late of couse!) shooting conditions were not all that bad by about 11:00 a.m. although the wind had a "bite" to it. I know...
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    anderson county shoot?

    If you find out that ACSC is not shooting and still wish to shoot, just drive a little further south to the Mercer Club located on Whites Lane about 4 miles west of Harrodsburg off of U.S. 68 (Perryville Rd.), watch for the sign on the left......targets are ready and the fire in the clubhuse...
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    Call that won't freeze?

    Jimmie, That is my father you speak of and thanks for speaking well of him..... he still resides down your way....I'm not "The Great Outdoorsman" but I do know him...;>) Good Hunting -H
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    Call that won't freeze?

    Rocky Mountian Wildlife Products markets the Critter Call and Tally Ho is the name of the company that sells the Tally Ho.....both of these are open reed calls. You may also check out ,a good source for calls. Don't give up on your metal reed calls, they produce a very...
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    Call that won't freeze?

    Huntum, You can try any of the "open reed" calls such as the "tally ho" or the"critter call", they are not as prone to freeze as the metal reed calls or if you carry your calls on a lanyard,tuck them inside your collar next to your chest to keep them from the extreme cold because once you get...
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    Cow hunt

    Good Morning BDL, Give my congrats to you Dad! Looks like Y'all had a great experience... Later -H
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    Central KY 3-D?

    Matt, The CKAA will have their meeting to let the clubs set schedules in mid December and the printed schedule should be available by the end of that month. I am sure that there will be "shoot information" on this site before the printed schedules are out.....plenty of time to get ready for...
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    Question for all the 3-d shooters...

    Tim, I think it would go over well and be a lot of fun. Those type of innovative ideas is what make White Oak a great place to shoot! Is your phone # still the same? I would like to discuss a couple of items prior to the 12th.... -H
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    Central Ky. Hunter Education Courses

    Just a bit of info for those needing to acquire their Hunter Ed certification. There are two available classes in Central Kentucky starting this Friday evening, one at Mercer County Fish and Game and the other at Anderson County Sportsman Club. The Mercer Club will start the classroom sessions...

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