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  1. snortwheeze

    Hawaii Hunting

    Been saving for a trip to Hawaii for our family. Just paid a down payment for a trip in August. Any of you ever hunted there? I’m seeing lots of public land. Interested in bow hunting pigs or goats. Love to go after axis deer, but looks like that would require very expensive guide services.
  2. snortwheeze

    Pups for sale: $500

    11 chocolate labradoodle puppies for sale. Father: chocolate lab Mother F1 chocolate labradoodle. These are not registered. Mom & dad are just family pets. I guess they’re still called labradoodles, but they are 75% lab, 25% standard poodle, so they will likely shed and who knows what their...
  3. snortwheeze

    GPS suggestions

    Looking for recommendations for a handheld GPS. I need a reliable handheld model to mark boundary lines and points on some properties in pretty remote areas. I need to be able to download those to my computer and save on google earth. I am pretty much a rookie when it comes to this. I have OnX...
  4. snortwheeze

    Paducah area

    Me & a group of friends hunt in Illinois every year. We’ve got a cabin rented Nov. 5-12, just across the river from Paducah. Problem for me is, I tagged out in Illinois this weekend. Looking for a place to hunt in KY fairly close to Brookport, IL. Not asking for your honey hole, just looking...
  5. snortwheeze

    For Sale: Thinning out the hunting gear

    I am not interested in shipping anything. I am in Williamsburg. Willing to meet within reason to deliver. Cleaning out the garage, won’t give it away, but entertain reasonable offers. PM me your cell number & I will text pics of any of the items. Rossi Youth Rifle- .243 barrel with 3x9 scope...
  6. snortwheeze

    Parking beside interstate

    Not really a F&W question, but thought someone here could point me in the right direction. Is it legal to pull off on the grass next to an interstate to access private land (with landowner permission) to hunt. The area is flat and well off the emergency lane and from OnX shows that it is the...
  7. snortwheeze

    Help me pick some spots

    got access to this place. Zone 4. Those of you who are experienced with topo maps, what spots would you target?
  8. snortwheeze

    Fair lease price for this place?

    Zone 4. Low deer numbers but Large farm (800 acres). Over half is fescue hay fields. No livestock or crops on the farm. The farm has been hunted a lot over the years to pretty much anyone who asked or trespassed. The owner wants to lease to 3 of us and give us control over who’s in there. There...
  9. snortwheeze

    Wanted: Owen Co. lease

    looking for a hunting lease in Owen County for 5 men. I grew up in OC & we still have the family farm but looking to add some more acreage for myself and 4 friends. If you are from Owen & know about some land, message me. I grew up on Monterey end, but live and work a couple of hours south. If...
  10. snortwheeze

    Wanted: hunting lease in Owen County

    looking for a hunting lease in Owen County for 5 men. I grew up in OC & we still have the family farm but looking to add some more acreage for myself and 4 friends. If you are from Owen & know about some land, message me. I grew up on Monterey end, but live and work a couple of hours south. If...
  11. snortwheeze

    Lacrosse Boots

    thinking about buying a new pair of boots. Lacrosse is having a sale. Anyone have experience with Alphaburley Pro? Should I go with 800 gram or 1600? Price difference isn’t much. I deer hunt in Kentucky and Illinois from October - January. Thanks for advice.
  12. snortwheeze

    Youth License/Youth Weekend Question

    My son bought his youth license in March while he was still 15. He turned 16 in April. Is he still eligible to hunt in the youth deer hunt? If not, is he now required to buy "adult" license/tags in order to deer hunt this year even though his current youth license does not expire until the...
  13. snortwheeze

    For sale: Gun safe

    12 gun safe for sale. Has shelves for pistols/ammo. Like new. I just got a bigger fireproof safe. $150 or best offer. $289 new at Home Depot. Located in Williamsburg. 6O6-28O-25O1
  14. snortwheeze

    New Gear for 2017

    I am going to save up and get some new hunting clothes for next fall. My Rocky Bibs and Jacket from Hammers have lasted me 14 years for cold weather but they are just really bulky. Early season, my cheap Walmart stuff does fine. I am not one to waste money, but I want something that works and...
  15. snortwheeze

    Ford F150 Tire/Wheel question

    Bought a 92 Ford F 150 4X4. It currently has 31X10.50 tires on it. The tires are slick. Really like to go up in size. I don't want to lift the truck. Not opposed to a leveling kit, but don't want to go higher. Any of you guys have experience with tire size/wheel width/backspacing on these...
  16. snortwheeze

    For sale: Truck Tool box ($125 OBO)

    Came out of a 92 F150, so I assume it will fit lots of full size trucks. Cylinder works & has a sliding drawer. Don't have a key to lock it. $125 or best offer. Located in Williamsburg. 6O6-28O-25O1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. snortwheeze

    For Sale John Deere 160 Riding Mower

    Mower runs. Needs a battery & probably blades sharpened / adjusted. I can jump it & it starts right up. Mowed with it last week. Just got a new one & don't want to put any more money in it. I've had this mower for 20+ years & my dad had it before that. Garage kept. It has the Kawasaki Engine &...
  18. snortwheeze

    Shed Thread

    Post sheds you find in 2016. 3 trips out so far. Walked a total of 14 miles according to my phone & only have 2 so far. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. snortwheeze

    Deer Feeder during Turkey Season

    Is there a maximum distance that a feeder can be from a residence in order to still be allowed to feed during the banned feeding period? I know there is something about being able to feed within the areas around a residence. We have a feeder in old barn lot about 75 yards from the house on the...
  20. snortwheeze

    Blood trailing dog in Owen Co.?

    Anyone know of one? I am near Monterey. Hate these threads, but gonna post anyway. Shot a buck last night at 5:30. 28 yards, quartering away. Shot felt good but heard a "tink" like arrow deflected. Deer ran off like he was hit. I couldn't see him to tell where he was hit. Can't find arrow...

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