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    Son's Opening Day Buck

    My Son had a goal to kill a typical 10 pt. this year and by 7:30 sat. morning He had this one on the ground. Just after daylight we could hear a buck thrashing trees below us and a few minutes later he came out in a field chasing 3 does and got away before Wyatt could get a shot about 20 minutes...
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    Daytime Picture of My Buck

    This one of my favorite pictures of Him .
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    Trophy Rocks Work

    I have never used any mineral or attractant that works as good as Trophy Rocks to get good Buck pictures.
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    Ky 19 pt.

    I killed this buck on September 13 at 7:40 pm and got it all on video what a dream come true.
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    Helped A Friend Tag Out

    What a morning Me and a friend had friday , I was able to video him filling his second Ky tag for the 2010 spring season . We were able to call in a hen which sent her into a calling frenzy cutting and yelping for about 5 minutes straight and that excited an old tom and sent him strutting into...
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    2 Days 2 Longbeards

    After a rough season last year this one has turned out perfect 2 days 2 longbeards. I have seen several gobblers but they haven't been very responsive to my calls which probably has alot to do with the hens they were following, but by setting up in places they like to hang out and having...
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    Great start to the 2010 season

    It sure felt good to be back out hunting with my son again , this weekend sat. was awesome we had birds hammering all around us after fly down they all went away from us then around 8 a.m 3 longbeards started working their way towards us from another farm and around 8:40 a.m my son put one on...
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    Son's big 8 pt.

    My son got his first muzzle loader buck it was a deer that we had several trail cam pictures and video of and 2 nights before I had a encouter with him bowhunting but ran out of shooting light before he got within range. I would rather my son kill the deer than me it makes me just as happy ...
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    Son's Cow Elk Mount

    Here's a picture of my son's cow elk mount that he killed last winter in Martin co.
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    Son Fills His Tag On Last Day

    Wow!! what a ending to the 09 spring season after missing a big bird in youth season my son tags a bird in the last few hours. We saw a longbeard and some jakes following some hens around yesterday morning and they wouldn't have any thing to do with my calling and the same thing happened this...
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    Good Morning Tagged Out

    I had 2 birds gobbling about 100 yards from me on the roost this morning and I thought by the way they were responding after they hit the ground that it was going to be a short hunt but that would have been to good to be true, the birds went away from me to a cattle pasture and gobbled at just...
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    First Tag Filled

    This has been the worst season I have had in a long time any thing that can go wrong has went wrong from coyotes and other hunters busting up a hunt to hitting a tree while shooting at a long beard. I've seen and passed alot of jakes trying to kill an adult gobbler but today I gave a jake a ride...
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    My Son's Ky Elk

    Yesterday day evening my son was able to fill his Ky cow elk tag , we spotted 5 cows and 2 calves feeding in a feild and we were able to stalk within 200 yards and while he was getting ready to fire a shot they started bedding down we waited and hour and 40 minutes on the cold wet ground before...
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    Fall turkey

    I seen some turkeys out in a cattle pasture around noon I decided to make a stalk and try to fill a tag , luck was on my side the small wood lot that I was using for cover to stalk with in range was where they were feeding towards and with in 5 minutes of making it to the wood lot I had one on...
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    Greenbo Lake State Park

    Any body hunted Greenbo lake quota hunt and got any suggestions?
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    M/L Buck

    M/L 12 pt. Buck Killed this buck sat. evening there are some bigger racked bucks around but I couldn't pass on this old mature brute , after I killed him I noticed he had been shot in the recent years and had a big chunk out of his back it was healed up and he seemed healthy . In the 2nd...
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    BGAD Deer Pictures

    Does anybody have any pictures of deer killed in the BGAD, I've always heard about big bucks taken from there but never have seen any photos of them.
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    Just curious what camo is most prefered by Kentucky Hunters Realtree,Mossyoak,Mothwing ,Treebark , Predator etc. Just something to talk about in the off season.
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    My Son Is Lucky

    My Son Is Lucky And So I"m I To Get To Share In Going Elk Hunting In Ky This Year , I Checked The Results And He Drew A Cow Tag. He Killed A 159 7/8 Class Buck Last Year ,tagged Out With 2 Long Beards This Spring And Now This, It's Hard To Beleive. Can't Wait Till This Fall We Will Definetly Be...
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    Passion Passed Down

    I Figured That My 12 Yr Old Sons Passion For Hunting Was Strong Like Mine When He Wanted To Go Out This Morning Even Though The Weather Was Terrible , But He Just Confirmed It Tonight When He Told Me That The Only Thing Bad About Being Tagged Out Was That He Was Going To Miss Going Out In The...

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