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    Preaching to the quire but...

    They shot themselves in the foot. Romney has secret service already since he is the presidential candidate. His supporters should be thrown in jail as well. Liberals seem to be more violent protesters than republicans. We'll just see how many get pardoned.
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    We've created a monster

    To each their own. I wont shoot anythign under 140", but that is what I have worked up to on average now and my preference. I took a youth last year and let him shoot the first deer he chose to shoot. It happened to be a fork horn, but he was elated. That was all that mattered to me at the...
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    shotgun shells

    X3. For the price, Kents are hard to beat and have only had one shell, which spent the day under water with several more, that has failed to fire. My gun and choke combination also likes Winchester Supreme Drylocks, but mainly depends on what your gun likes to shoot. I have had succes with...
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    shotgun shells

    I have quite the opposite opinion, while dirty, they aren't any worse than xperts or estates IMO.
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    Dead Deer parts needed!

    You can pay him for it, but I beleive he will need to buy it being a licensed taxidermist and you purchasing wildlife parts in the state of Kentucky. I would hate your generosity to get you into trouble.
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    No big ones yet, but...

    I think that rabbit claimed the salt block first.
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    Amazing.... And just a few years ago they didn't "exist"...

    This article is from 2005. I thought we have had a black bear season for two years now.
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    Duck Numbers Up I wonder how many will pass right over our state? Any takers?
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    Big Kitty Kat in Western Ky

    I guess I am missing the confirmation by KDWFR that it was a mountain lion. Vincent is not associated with KDFWR. He is an individual that owns his own wildlife nuisance control company from Edmonson county. I am not saying they are not in KY, just not confirmed at KOA in BG that I am aware...
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    Late Season Goose and Duck Dates

    Mayes had me until 99
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    where have all of the corn clubbers gone?

    Expect them to be on edge. Them corn clubbers golden nuggets are goign to have to be placed there manually if they expect to wackem and stack em this year.
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    Big Kitty Kat in Western Ky

    Difference between sighting and sign is evidence. Do i think there is a cougar in KY, probably. Mammoth Cave, maybe. Bowling Green Kentucky. Nope. I live about 2 miles from where they say the cougar was seen and have personally seen 4 bobcats within a half mile radius of the area. If there...
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    Big Kitty Kat in Western Ky

    Thank God. Elvis is still alive. I know tons of people saw him after his apparent death...
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    management question.

    What do the other sides look like?
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    Vehicles With Salvage Titles...Avoid ?

    Resale for salvage title vehciles are usually at 20% or less. If it is a vehcile that should be worth 10k, you might get 2.
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    Cabelas Store in Louisville, Kentucky: Is it being Buit Yet ?

    I agree with this guy. Thsi is not good for most everyone that shops at cabelas from KY. YOU are jsut giving 6% of whatever you spend to the state for them to blow it.
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    Ideas on renting a boat and cabin at the lake.

    +1 on Green Turtle Bay. The in laws own one of the cabins up there and they are well taken care of. We often use it in the winter for Duck Hunting and or if we get drawn to quota hunt deer.
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    Seatbelt Law........Support or Oppose

    I agree 100%.
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    how mch longer should i wait to mow clover

    I agree with others. With dry speel coming it might cause it to burn/die leaving you without a food plot. It looks like you do a good job on it as well.
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    Does hitting the new mineral lick

    Looks like you have a few about to pop.