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    Hunting licenses question

    Living next door does not qualify them as tenants. Legal definition of tenant states they must both live and work on the property. (39) "Tenant" means any resident sharecropper, lessee, or any other person actually engaged in work upon a...
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    Hunting licenses question

    They would have to be dependent children of the property owner to be exempt. Adult children are not exempt.
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    River otter pond decimation

    You can find licensed trappers willing to come trap them for you during the season. Here is a searchable database from our website.
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    Locator call

    A goose call works wonderfully
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    Custom Made Flamed Osage Orange Slate Call

    Custom Osage orange slate call $40 + shipping, sounds awesome! You can message me here or text me at 502-600-0452 Thank you again!
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    Custom made cocobolo slate call

    Custom made Cocobolo Slate call, I knocked this one out this weekend, it sounds awesome! Ready to ship for just $50 + shipping, via USPS Priority mail. This is an older piece of cocobolo that I had and will ship with hickory striker. Message me here or you’re welcome to text me at 502-600-0452.
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    Wood Haven friction pot calls

    I am biased, but I would put my American Chestnut slate, or the cocobolo slate that I have made over the weekend against any production call. As far as crystal, I make a yellow heart crystal that sounds awesome as well.
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    Persimmon Ceramic Call

    Here is a video of the ceramic/Persimmon
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    Custom Solid Red Cedar Box Call

    Before I mail it out this afternoon, I will see what I can do about getting a sound file. I can get another one put together pretty quick if someone needs one.
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    Custom Solid Red Cedar Box Call

    Sold, pending payment. Thanks everyone!
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    Favorite lite and Ultra-Lite spinning reels?

    They are very smooth. I recommend you pick one up and give it a shot the size 10 or 15's are in the $30 range is all, and if I remember correctly the Avenger series is 10BB.
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    Custom Solid Red Cedar Box Call

    I have one custom built, solid red cedar box call ready to ship! Only $35 + shipping! Message me here or you are welcome to text me at 502-600-0452 to get it! Thank you all!
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    Persimmon Ceramic Call

    Here is a pic of the last one in Persimmon that I did. The ceramic is identical to the production calls like 'Ol Yella, etc. The second is American Chestnut I also have a few American Chestnut slate calls about ready to ship also. Other woods that I will have available is Hawaiian Koa...
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    Persimmon Ceramic Call

    I have a couple of persimmon call pots turned and ready to put together tonight. I am going to put ceramic surfaces in them, as that is a terrific combo IMO. Anyone interested, shoot me a message or text me at 502-600-0452, and I will get one out to you. Price is $45 plus ship. Thanks everyone!
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    Favorite lite and Ultra-Lite spinning reels?

    I am a huge Shimano fan, but for the money, it's hard to beat Okuma's reels. I have 4, two Avenger 10's, and 1 Epixor, and 1 larger Avenger in the 25 size. They are all 10 bearing reels and are terrific.
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    Reclaimed American Chestnut Slate Calls

    I turned out a few more of these American Chestnut pots this weekend, and have them nearly ready for assembly. If anyone would be interested, shoot me a message and I can get one in the mail to you tomorrow!
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    Turkey calls

    My favorite is the American Chestnut slate that I make, followed closely by my persimmon ceramic
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    Custom Yellowheart Crystal Turkey Call

    Bump, still for sale!
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    Custom Yellowheart w/Titanium turkey call

    Thank you! Titanium version is sold!
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    Custom Yellowheart w/Titanium turkey call

    Sold Thanks guys!

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