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    Gun Shy

    Do the pots and pans while eating. the next step you might try is to set up a chase seen and make a HUGE ruckus while he's doing it. Metal trash can lids. Lay a bb gun next to his dog dish, dog bed, wherever he frequents if the sight of a gun scares him. Good luck.
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    Storm seems to be getting it.

    Things are going...but it's all work and kids, wife, etc... Last month was the first October in 12 years I did not hunt somewhere with a dog. I didn't even consider looking for woodcock until the rain we had yesterday. Everything is so dry I don't see how a worm eater can make a living. Maybe a...
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    Storm seems to be getting it.

    Good Girl Storm. Looks like things are going well Gary.
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    How do you prepare them? Couple a years ago I had a yankee fix some after a long day busting cover for grouse. They were an appetizer for the meal and were gone in 5 minutes. Don't know if it was the company, the fatigue or the hunger but those birds were tasty. I read that the other day UC...
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    So it begins...

    She's a sharp looking pup Gary! Here's to many days afield with her. It's good to read about you getting a pup. I hunted with a lab, an ESS, and CBR last year for grouse and woodcock up in VT. The spaniel worked most impressively. I believe Seamus (the spaniel) was also from Ohio. Three dogs...
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    Grouse Hunters

    I was in WI last week. Had business in MN and made a pitstop in WI for a couple days of huntin. I hunted with locals and travellers. They wanted to switch my license plates, seems some of the locals weren't to thrilled with all the KY tags. "Woods is full of Kentuckians" said a local bartender...
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    Fresh woodcock are tasty. They aren't quail or grouse, but tasty just the same. Breast em and soak in some teryaki, maple syrup and minced garlic(fresh). Saute in butter for a few minutes, slice and serve as a finger food with dipping sauce from the drippings. Been a long time since I've seen a...
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    Oh No....Geez Gary, I don't check in here enough....I can't begin to know what this was like for you all. My deepest sympathies... Wyatt
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    Hunter found dead in deer stand

    My rope is shorter I guess. I attatch the gun, safety on, empty chamber, barrel down. The barrel is about 2 foot off the ground. Then climb up and hoist the rifle, butt end first. Terrible stories. Be safe.
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    No, the whole conversation began with you challenging another man's signature line. He has defended it. Now you change the realm of things to fit your thoughts. Bravo, it's good to be king.
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    Turkey harvest photos

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    Here he is

    I can't wait either!
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    Gonna get a new pair of boots!

    I've been wearing these for a few years. Sned em back when/if they leak and get a new pair. Not sure how long they'd hold up in briars though...
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    Grouse hunts? looks like winter maybe.
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    Toxic Diamond Dog Food Recall

    BW- The plant in Gasden, SC was the culprit. They announced the recall 12/20/05 from what I've read. Aflotoxin is the problem. It comes from corn (a mold) and causes severe liver damage and obviously death in some instances. Part of Ky is serviced from the SC plant and part is from the Meta...
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    Toxic Diamond Dog Food Recall Very sad.
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    Complaint Filed Against Lab For Recent Miss

    Should have been there this morning.
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    Complaint Filed Against Lab For Recent Miss

    Obviously not Lab! Here's what a Turkey can can do.
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    Cool pic of a buck charging a decoy

    Skin, Are you sure that isn't a full body mount with a decoy on it?
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    Complaint Filed Against Lab For Recent Miss

    Now K, you know I said the bird was inside 25 yards. Or was it 20? However since a meeting is being held perhaps the infraction of Failing to Take Part in the Opening Morn for the second Season should be filed against the owner of the lodge. Also the charge of Failing to have their Sons...

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