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    The SOS is getting old. How about a picture thread?

    Good pic of a shelf cloud, usually the leading edge of a thunderstorm but typically doesn't spin anything up like a wall cloud. Great pic 👍👍
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    Annual Shamanic Baking Soda Rant

    Well Hell, now I finally know why I never made pro-staffer status. I'm so mad at myself right now.
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    Democrats sneaking a Gun Control Bill through the House

    I'm glad they keep digging their graves, the clock is ticking
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    Bean field

    Loved hunting beans the first couple weeks, always action. I saw a small bachelor group last night, 4 bucks, and one of them had already broken his entire right side off?? He's just a little guy and his left side only has 3 points, so I thought this was probably gonna be a lil 1.5yr old 6 point...
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    The SOS is getting old. How about a picture thread?

    Oh crap. Tree looks pretty healthy, storm blow through?
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    Early season pointers!!!

  7. hunt

    Cat on trail cam

    It's definitely a tail-less mountain lion. I'm actually surprised @Jayman didn't get another pic of Bigfoot carrying it around.
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    Early season pointers!!!

    I'm in western ky also and the places I hunt typically have the over-whelming majority of bucks still in velvet for at least the first week of season. There will be some that shed in late August, and most will be out by mid September, but the first weekend of season chances of seeing velvet are...
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    Alaskan Brown Bear

    Wow, what a trophy room! That is freaking awesome!
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    3rd year Dunstan

    No doubt
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    Gatorade during work and suds after always works well for me 😂
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    New job

    Sounds like everything is going well, congrats on the new gig! I admire IT folk as I have a hard enough time trying to find Google 😂😂
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    Early season pointers!!!

    Lots of good info from the replies already, those guys that posted above ^ know how to hunt and gave good info, they know the deal for KY whitetails and punch tags. I wasn't being a smartass when I said to outcorn your neighbors, but it's a fact if you have unlimited funds and time to chase...
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    Early season pointers!!!

    Outcorn everyone within 10 square miles and post the kill pics
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    Jerry Nadler Demands Ban on All Guns in 'Common Use'

    F him too. The left has lost their minds.
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    Biden has covid

    I actually hope he recovers, spit. I can't imagine having the next 2 in line in charge of anything. That would be worse than what we have now, and that's saying a lot. God help us all.
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    Second Term???

    The damage is done, it's a waiting game now. Liberal tears will be my drink of choice in the future.
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    Corn Prices 😡

    I bought 1 bag of corn at Rural King today to put out for the deer in the backyard that never are hunted, just like watching them. One 50lb bag of corn was $11, and it didn't even have a picture of a big buck on the bag, blasphemy.
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    Suspect they’re brothers.

    Character. Nice.