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    Age? Score?

    Who cares about deductions, he grew it, I'd say upper 130's gross
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    Looking for sign this time of year

    I pay no attention to "sign". What's it matter, just find a funnel or low gap, get in it and sit still. There is no point or glory in spreading your scent all around the woods to find a place where deer pee in the dirt lol
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    Kentucky Girl Won't Run for 666...

    I simply hate religion being drug into everything, just live and let live, what really makes my blood boil is hearing republicans say god is the answer to our govt problems when there just as at fault as the liberals.
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    What will he score

    I'd say about 142 6/8
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    Bobcat, housecat, fox or ?

    Yea there around, leave the cams out in the woods in winter and you'll see several
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    Best smoker under $350

    Yes it Is but there out of stock every place I looked
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    Bobcat, housecat, fox or ?

    Bobcats inhabit a wide variety of landscapes. Are you new to running a trail cam on that farm?
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    War on Coal Continues.....

    I'm so fed up with bad news everywhere I turn, I think this country is so far down a dark path that its no longer possible to turn around
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    Bobcat, housecat, fox or ?

    What's to debate!? Obviously a bobcat
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    Are You Better Off Now Than You Were 5 Years Ago?

    Yes, that and he simply "mis spoke"
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    Covert black ops, all night pics are solid black

    I did all that, it had new batteries. Girl said she's sending me a new on in the am. The nighttime photos tonight are working and last night it wasn't. Also it's not picking up all the shots, even set at 1 min interals a deer can stand there for 20 mins and I can manually snap his pic via...
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    Best smoker under $350

    Yea I don't have the luxury to often of just sitting there watching it smoke and thought the digital control would be handy
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    How can this be happening in our country?

    Fox News?! Do what, I don't need a news agency to point my moral compass, nor did I or anyone mention them There is no need or point in debating you on anything. Anyone who touts Medicare and social security as success stories and brags on Steve Beshear is far beyond reasoning anyway.
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    Score on this little guy?

    Don't kid yourself, I hear that crap all the time and a lot of deer see maturity, but they don't get there by being dumb
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    How can this be happening in our country?

    Absolutely sickening, I'm sure grouse guy could defend it tho.. Wow
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    Best smoker under $350

    I never said I was looking at any type in particular, the new masterbuilt 40" also has internal meat probes built in to screen. They have them at SAMs for 298
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    Health insurance news

    Well without the media lying for weeks saying republicans shut it down, it may have been different. They passed I can't remember hard tellin how many bills to open all govt functions except obamacare and Reid wouldn't look at them. But, at the same time I'm glad someone actually stood up for...
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    Health insurance news

    Well said, I'm tired of these cookie cutter republicans myself as well. They pretend to be conservatives when it's convenient but overall there just as bad and corrupt as the big O.
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    Health insurance news

    I don't see what you expect when you brag about social security being better than private sector investments and even say Medicare works!? This country can't run anything without going broke! They can't even deliver the mail without losing money! Our govt role in our lives is not to take...
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    Best smoker under $350

    So I guess no one would be a fan of a 40" master built electric smoker?!