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    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    It continues....
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    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    It's fairly obvious this morning what the raid was all about...politics. Most of the RINO's who voted for impeachment have lost their jobs to Trump backed candidates, and the D's and other RINOs are getting worried. This will only help Trump.
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    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    Story on Breitbart....I say they better have good reason to pull this stunt.
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    Maybe the jab is working as planned....depends on the perspective.
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    This thread will keep going until us deniers can say with absolute certainty "we told you so".....I was ridiculed by family and friends and was close to being sent home from my job. The vaccine is the biggest con of our lifetimes.
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    You alright Kyboy?

    I was in the Pinetop / Kite / Beaver community today working, could not believe the damage, the valley swept clean from hillside to hillside. Cars snagged in tree tops, brush on the rooftops of houses, bridges and driveways's going to take a while to get back to normal.
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    You alright Kyboy?

    Glad you're okay..
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    Monsters amongst us

    I worked with a professional geologist a few years ago that got caught up in the internet child porn.... shocked the $hit out of us all, including his wife. FBI showed up at work and caught him in the act. He's still in the pen last I heard.
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    I came to realize that we essentially live in ditchlines here in the mountains and you have to be prepared to deal with the worst case scenario. Went through a 500 year flood event in 2004.....we lost everything including our home, took several years for us just to get back to zero. We learned...
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    Property lines on - how accurate are they??

    I'm a licensed land surveyor, you would not believe the property disputes those property line apps have caused....they should be outlawed in my opinion unless they come with a warranty as to the accuracy..
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    You alright Kyboy?

    Went by the amish greenhouse at Eastern along Route 80 late yesterday evening coming home, they were flooded out.
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    Chinese State Media Threatens to Shoot Down Pelosi’s Plane

    I'm on the fence if that would be a good or bad thing if it were to'll definitely smoke out all the traitor politicians here in the US who are on the chicoms payroll.
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    Democrats sneaking a Gun Control Bill through the House
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    Trump is done.

    The Biden Administration is working hard to come after Trump supporters....
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    Prayers for Grouseassassin.

    It's pretty bad right now here in the mountains, the towns of Whitesburg, Hindman, Wayland, Garrett and others are devastated....water up to the ceilings in numerous homes and businesses.
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    US economy enters technical recession after growth tumbles 0.9% in the second quarter

    So has the definition of woman, vaccine, liar, and peaceful protests....
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    Biden Administration Changes Definition of Recession

    2nd quarter numbers are coming out, and they must be bad....what dumba$$es we have in charge right now.
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    Home building brake lights coming on

    Friend of mine is a salesman for a local lumber company....within the past thirty days, he went from a steady selling of material for four or five active new builds to now just one. It's definitely slowing down.