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    Welder/fabricator needed.
  2. WILD

    First hummingbird yesterday

    Had one show up 2 days ago here in Frankfort
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    Favorite Movies

    Lot of good movies listed,this is a good one also.
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    9mm for Concealed carry

    I have a 10 round and 12 for my 365,of course they are 11 and 13 with one in chamber.they also have a 15 round mag also.
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    9mm for Concealed carry

    That is a extended mag,I have a flat base mag that I carry and makes for less printing.
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    9mm for Concealed carry

    Really like my sig p365,very accurate and conceals awesome.
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  8. WILD

    BREAKING: Joe Biden greeted with 'Let's go Brandon' chants in Kentucky

    He’s not a president,he’s a resident.
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    Anybody got a rifle like this

    My dad has one in .243
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    Coyotes During Gun Season

    Always put the hammer on them.
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    First deer

    Great buck,congratulations.
  12. WILD

    Target buck wounded

    Wrong ammo,should of never used on deer.smh.
  13. WILD

    11/24 roll call

  14. WILD

    Son scores on dandy

    Awesome deer,congratulations
  15. WILD

    turtleneck camo shirt

    Take a Sock hat and cut the top off is what I do.
  16. WILD

    Got it done yesterday

  17. WILD

    What's everyone packing this year

    Winchester model 70 carbine .270,buck master 3x9x40 with 130 hornady sst superformance ammo.
  18. WILD

    Son's first deer

  19. WILD

    Nov 13th. Rifle opener roll call!

    Awesome buck and awesome shooting,congratulations.
  20. WILD

    Nov 13th. Rifle opener roll call!

    Waiting in the stand for the sun to come up,good luck everyone.

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