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    New Mexico Antelope Hunt

    Good luck JD
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    Left coast refugee

    Hope you have a great retirement. Welcome to KY.
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    what did I do wrong?

    Make sure the sd card is formatted. I had a bad sd card that was new.
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    Blackhorn 209

    Dry Ridge has it in stock.
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    Got some good Growth

    Really Nice.
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    Early season pointers!!!

    At $12.00 a bag for corn they ( KDFWR) are doing us a favor.
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    Got lucky

    Florence shelves are full.. No 410
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    Full BODY Pie Bald

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    Deer feeder question.

    A 200 lb programmable, set 8 seconds one time per day last almost 2 months. 6v batteries are good for 6 months. End of story.
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    Shaker village deer hunt

    Special Commission Permits Trophy Deer Hunt Drawing Your annual chance to hunt Bucks at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill! The Trophy Deer Hunt drawing will begin on July 11t, 2022 and end on July 26th at 11:59PM. On July 28th there will be a live drawing at 1:00 pm at the Kentucky Gun Company...
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    Corn Prices 😡

    TSC make me show a receipt from the store there are price matching.
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    Dog proof traps

    Try Ebay. Thats were I purchased mine.
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    Ground Blinds

    Whenever gun deer hunting is allowed on a wildlife management area, state park or Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area, a person who will be hunting from inside a ground blind must first attach a hat or vest made of solid, unbroken hunter orange material to the blind so it is visible from all...
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    Dead deer?

    So how does the fat girl get down the creek? LOL
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    Deer Rifle Poll (prep)

    No Rimfire. Centerfire only.
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    Any fawns yet?

    Just block it.
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    FS Shooting bench

    Thats a steal. I built the same bench and have a hundred in the wood alone.
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    Any fawns yet?

    Ignore Her
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    Scam Warning

    The person that got scamed should post the scammers name.