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    New truck fever

    Getting my transmission rebuilt in my 96 silverado. Has 240000 on the motor, second tranny rebuild.
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    Looking for .38 recommendations for a CCW for wife

    Not a revolver but the walther pk380 is very easy to rack. A buddy bought one for his wife because she has trouble with slides. She absolutely loves it.
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    KY deer and Alfalpha

    They always hit young alfalfa like it was going out of style. The inside corners could never get established without being mowed down.
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    Hairless bear

    Those hairless beavers are all the rage nowadays. Scared me the first one I saw but I learned how to skin em pretty quick.
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    People told me I was crazy: Wild Hogs

    I have seen a hog on the side of the railroad tracks in Horse cave. And 1 close to the entrance to Bernheim forest.
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    People told me I was crazy: Wild Hogs

    Right down the road from where I first saw em when I was a kid.
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    32 year annivesary

    Congratulations, my Mom wouldn't even talk to me after about 20 years. No way a wife would last that long. Good to see people growing old together nowadays.
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    Tonneau cover choices.

    The trifold types are pretty awesome.
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    Wife killed her first Solo bird.

    That's awesome. Old long spur too.
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    Needing some tips

    Take a nap and kill him midday when the hens leave him.
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    What is concensus on Carp?

    Just detox em off the meth before they hit sheperdsville.
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    Letting Gobblers walk

    Every turkey I've killed weighed 30 lbs by the time I got to the truck. Somehow they all lost weight and were between 16 and 23 when they got to the scale. If it ain't a jake it's getting shot. I killed my first one because of the sport. The rest are all revenge killings.
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    UL....More self imposed penalties..

    They know a lot more than has been said. I can't believe slick Ricky still has his job. I can't even make fun of Louisville fans anymore because it's too easy.
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    This weekends turkey

    My snood gets blue every now and again. Not as much as my younger days though.
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    This weekends turkey

    Looks alive to me, the way it's supposed to.
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    Bribery, extortion, business as usual

    Was Richie Farmer pardoned?
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    Open Carry question

    I grew up seeing open carry all the time. Never thought twice about it. Don't see a thing wrong with anybody doing it. I also think that people who feel sorry for people that do because they have low self esteem must be very full of themselves. Not pointing fingers or calling anybody out just...
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    Let's go to Florida hunting

    They just have to bring em in alive for the challenge. To keep from a little cheating going on. The rest if the time just kill em anyway you can.
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    Have you used your carry pistol?

    Never have had to, hope I never do. A friend went to the grocery last summer for a quick trip. Left his piece in the truck. Got beaten with a pair of brass knuckles and robbed on his way out. Shattered eye socket and nose. I think he sleeps with his on his hip now.

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