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    1st bow kill

    Good looking bird. Congrats

    New to coyote hunting...need help

    Thanks guys I really appreciate it.

    New to coyote hunting...need help

    How far will they travel to the sound of distress calling? How late in the morning do they stir? What time should I start calling? I'm sure not before daylight like a turkey on the roost.

    New to coyote hunting...need help

    How far will they travel to the sounds of a call?

    New to coyote hunting...need help

    I want to start coyote hunting but here in southeast ky I don't have alot of ope fields to hunt. We have alot of coyotes buy I'm not sure how to ridge top hunt them. On tv I always see them hunting fields. But no game except turkey in the spring come into the fields they stay on The mountain...

    Mock scrapes

    I was wondering if it would hurt to make some mock scrapes now, or would this maybe spook some does in my area. Thanks for the help guys.

    Favorite hunting show / personality?

    Gotta be uncle Ted or Matt duff

    Hunting spots

    I love to bow hunt deer, turkey hunt, and small game hunt. I was just wondering of there was anywhere in southeast Kentucky to take up duck hunting? If not where would the closest place be. I am in Knox county.

    Parker bows

    Pse experience. Performance.
  10. CABNER

    Buying a new bow...suggestions?

    Man check out the PSE brute x it's only 400 bucks. It has alot of nice features like the more high end PSE bows. I love mine.
  11. CABNER

    Tagged out on a limbhanger this morning.

  12. CABNER

    Bow trade

    The string maybe better on the bowtech but this PSE is much smoother to draw and much faster. Also the peep did stop turning thank you.
  13. CABNER

    Bow trade

    Thanks man I went down there this morning and got a PSE brute x. I love it but they didn't put any serving on the meta peep. They said it didn't need. I was wondering if this was true. Also my peep turns and I was wondering how to stop that
  14. CABNER

    My turkey gun bought Saturday after a 5 day wait!

    I have one with Carson turkey choke. I layer down a big Tom on opening day with it look into a Carson choke and 3 1/2 inch Winchester supreme 5 shot. It is a Tom slayer no doubt.
  15. CABNER

    Bow trade

    Lol southeast Kentucky
  16. CABNER

    Bow trade

    Anyone know of any good shops where I can trade in my bowtech soldier for a better bow? I like the bow and it is less than 1 year old. I would just like to trade it in and upgrade a little.
  17. CABNER

    Got my insanity today

    Thats a sweet setup bro. I love my bowtech.
  18. CABNER

    season is to early. why cant we have it in july!!!!!

    The season is right on time bro you just need to relocate.
  19. CABNER

    Thanks for all the help of everyone on the forums

    Thanks everybody I appreciate it.

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