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  1. Capttrae

    New predator movie

    I’m looking forward to seeing it
  2. Capttrae

    Left coast refugee

    The name makes sense now.
  3. Capttrae

    Human Cannibalism Being Pushed by the New Green Movement

    I’m already a cannibal where my gf is concerned
  4. Capttrae


    Shark trips as a whole suck. Easy money but boring and the tourist get bored easily. They think they are going to catch jaws when in reality if they catch one it’s a good night.
  5. Capttrae


    Negative. Hot, sandy, and salty. I’ll pass. I love the sea and being on her as much or more than anybody. But Sittin at the beach sweating my rear off with a bunch of ppl around no not happening. I’ll take my little duck boat over to the island and find a spot where nobody is and spend a day...
  6. Capttrae


    Just as likley to happen there as anywhere. You’d be surprised how many sharks are swimming around with people right there on the beach. Biggest ones I’ve caught have come on baits run right down the beach.
  7. Capttrae

    Thinking out upgrading our air fryer.... any recommendations??

    I have an Emril Lagasi one. It works great for anything I need it for
  8. Capttrae


    This was headed to Trinidad a few years ago
  9. Capttrae


    Awesome that you got the supply boat in the pic. Which TLP and what boat?
  10. Capttrae

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Just got done offloading and backloading the boat, transferring fuel and now going to take on a quick 12-15k in fuel, groceries, supplies, do crew change and head back out
  11. Capttrae

    Mud motors on wma’s

    We don’t kill enough duck down here to even say we kill ducks, may as well have fun running the river, jumping beaver dams and being in cold boat with a wet stinking dog and be loud while doing it.
  12. Capttrae

    Mud motors on wma’s

    It’s just to be loud and obnoxious to show them teenagers with daddy’s money what an old fart with oilfield money can do
  13. Capttrae

    Mud motors on wma’s

    I like it. Wish I could’ve found a gtr when I bought my pd, but got the prop worked by Chris Corrville, and now she jumps right on up on step in no time. Next step is the marshmalllow exhaust.
  14. Capttrae

    Deadly Guns, As Told By Anti-Gun Folks.....

    I’m hoping that was satire. I got through about the first 5 seconds and with the stupidity coming out I had to just turn it off
  15. Capttrae

    Is Everyone Watching Their 40l-Ks & IRAs

    I’m just pouring money in my accounts. Buy low and ride it out.
  16. Capttrae

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Study, study, study and freakin killin it. 1st test in 35 more days. Got my apartment rented for 6 nights in Memphis, I think I’m more excited about his than I am about going to Saskatchewan. Gettin this done will be a huge weight off my shoulders. 1 year and 8 months of almost non stop...
  17. Capttrae

    Low hernia operation

    Had the right side done a few years back. Took one day to lay around the house, the next I was out scouting ducks. Got griped at by my ol lady right before she asked me to drive 10 hours to pick her up in Daytona.
  18. Capttrae

    Liquor thread

    I’ve got to start looking for another bottle of McClealans either 15 or 18 year old scotch. Used to be every year the night before our first hunt of the year me and a friend of mine would each do a shot to bring in the new huntin season. He passed on a few years back now me and some friends do a...
  19. Capttrae

    Dog proof traps

    I use sardines Or herring, p-nut butter, or mix up my own concoction of crushed up cat food mixed with menhaden oil
  20. Capttrae


    4 days 7 different modules. Costal aka Terestial Nav, Rules of the Road, Plotting, Nav General, Deck General, Deck safety Environmental and Pollution and Stability. Have to get a 90 on Plotting, Rules, and T-nav, 80 on Stability and a deck Gen, nav gen and deck safety

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