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  1. wv67

    Johnny Reb had the final nail in the coffin

    It’s all about the feelings of useless people the timid and gay the frail LOL. We are done really it’s a sad pathetic state we have allowed our selves to be in but I will die free , and doing the things I love to do regardless how they feel
  2. wv67

    A true socialist.

    LOL. They never practice what they preach , but always do what they blame others of doing LOL.
  3. wv67

    Trump Drops MAJOR 2024 hint on Truth Social with new campaign ad HOURS after Deep State declares Political War on him in FBI Raid

    I think he needs to campaign fire everyone up and at the last minute crawdad and let Desantis run let him sit in the back and help clean house , we need one or the other in the House , or one like em those two together could do great things , Trump wants vengeance his ego has been hurt , his...
  4. wv67

    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    Something different needs to happen , something huge , something that leaves no guesses that the American people that created this country are done with the commie traitor BS We the People are all that’s left period and violence is t needed for it to work
  5. wv67

    Increasing Inflation Act

    I’m curious as to what misleading info your speaking of GG I could give two chits about anything about Trump he’s gone none of the things happening g have nothing to do with him this situation we are in right now is all Biden and his folks fault nothing about it is misleading they have caused...
  6. wv67

    Buck or Doe?

    Can’t tell if it’s a antler or a cyst , looks to be an antler
  7. wv67

    It’s getting that time of year

    All the trees I checked never had one Catawba worm on it Any ideas why
  8. wv67

    Black BEAR

  9. wv67

    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    J. Annette I’m no dumb ass That falls under Biden voters , folks that think there is umpteen genders , men can have babies , drag queens reading to children ahh you get the pic You know your people no offense ,, You are all frustrated due to the monkey pox scare I get it , don’t fudge pack...
  10. wv67

    Increasing Inflation Act

    Crooked SOBs every one of em the working folk should just all quit stop everything live on ya own and see how fast things change let it all go down the tubes if no one works they are hit in the mouth the ones that mooch now can’t mooch they will be the ones starting trouble .. First No workie...
  11. wv67

    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    No matter the reason it’s crooked and their is a reason behind it and it’s not what they say it is crooked traitors
  12. wv67


    LOL. That vax don’t do nothing but make money period same as the flu shot
  13. wv67


    ^^^^what they said^^^^. Most of my lease is clear cuts that are all different t ages with one this year being new we keep and hold deer and to many bears LOL It will get better
  14. wv67

    Anyone up for snake hunting?

    If the money was right I’d bring it in alive just gotta pay attention , I’ve caught a few rattle snakes and let em live , copper heads no dice
  15. wv67

    New Event in Washington.......

    LOL. Have t been that many skinned knees since pedophile island
  16. wv67

    BREAKING: Project Veritas reveals FBI lists Gadsden Flag, 2A, Revolutionary War imagery as 'extremist' symbols

    Well hmmm never knew these things , When ya put it like that I guess , Nope still don’t care I don’t pay no attention to their new ploys etc. ignorance gets on my nerves
  17. wv67

    27 Chinese warplanes enter Taiwan's air defence as Taipei says it 'won't shy away from a fight': President Xi sends forces to surround island 'as part

    Sanctions LOL. If we could keep a real American loving president , who puts his country and people first None of this we r seeing and hearing about would be going on at all LOL. Crooks and traitors is all we got , and ignorant folks following them like a stray dog
  18. wv67

    Trump is done.

    Biden has always been an idiot and a crook , same with Obama , Clinton , Carter, and so many more , On both sides it’s all about the money , Trump is an arrogant ass his self , but he is self made , yes his daddy helped him but he’s been broke a few times since and came back on his own thinking...
  19. wv67


    My Doctor is the one that told me not to worry about getting the vaccine , ( which I never had plans too) if it can’t keep you from catching it I see no reason getting it IMO. But to each his own

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