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  1. K9trapper

    Dove fields 2018

    The head size will be due to the population. It won’t be a difference in Clearfield vs cheaper Peredovik seed, although typically Clearfields will get taller. All the same type seed, just one has different genetics. I planted at four different times so all stages of growth this year. I’d post...
  2. K9trapper

    Clover food plot experts?

    Gonna depends on your type and size of weeds. Butyrac works on real small weeds but struggles with larger stuff. If your weeds are smartweed or nutsedge you’ll have to use basagran or the generic of it. Or if you can find someone to sell you a small quantity of Raptor it works on about everything.
  3. K9trapper

    Off to NAFA...

    That one grey I had in the pic, sold for $22. Some of my cats were over $100 and they no saled them. The valuation before the sale were pretty high, so I was hoping they’d bring my average up. Again hard to get an average when they don’t sell!
  4. K9trapper

    Off to NAFA...

    Seven of those sold...five mediums and two larges...$43 average so far. I had three cats in the first lots in North Central and Central sections and of course they didn’t sell. Had cats in three sections, NC, C and SW.
  5. K9trapper

    Kdfwr turkey survey link

    Feel free to lower the NR trapping license lol. $130 license to catch coons worth $3 each.
  6. K9trapper

    Final harvest numbers?

    27,240 down 6k from last year.
  7. K9trapper

    yearly donation

    I drew a cow in 08’ and a stupid spike tag in 10’. Shot the cow with a bow and spike with a rifle. I know people and those people would make sure I didn’t draw if they could rig the system. I just apply for bull archery in KY. On a brighter note I finally drew a limited quota archery either...
  8. K9trapper

    Time for a change

    You can barely sell a coon at any price. Get them up to $10 and watch the trappers start stacking them up. In 2013 when we had a market I killed nearly 150 and I’m a part timer. Coyotes don’t affect the turkey population. George Wright’s study shows that hunters kill gobblers, so stop...
  9. K9trapper

    Indiana season

    The first public meeting went well from what I’ve heard. The second meeting is on Wednesday. Proposed season isn’t conducive to trappers. Opens during gun season, limit of one per person, and a really low quota limit statewide.
  10. K9trapper

    Off to NAFA...

    I agree TP and I’ll add the better put up fur is being shipped more often. It seems like the quality fur handlers have really thinned out over the years at Etown.
  11. K9trapper

    Crossbow expansion, much more than just that

    Sept 1 opener would be fine, Sept gun might create some increase on large private land that needs to reduce numbers, but won’t move the needle much statewide. Unlimited does I’ll probably shoot 50 just to help get every county to a zone 3 faster lol
  12. K9trapper

    Best way to sow a clover plot?

    Or you could plant with a nurse crop like spring oats. Every place is different with the types and quantities of weeds present but pure clover planting in spring will most likely result in a field of weeds. Every Amish guy in the country plants alfalfa in spring with oats. Harvests the oats in...
  13. K9trapper

    Best way to sow a clover plot?

    You have to kill the grass. Spring planting clover is a low success game unless seeding into wheat or rye. Weed competition is horrible on spring planting’s. Fall planting is generally more successful.
  14. K9trapper

    Off to NAFA...

    Got it . What size do you usually make your pics?
  15. K9trapper

    Off to NAFA...

    Off to NAFA
  16. K9trapper

    Indiana season

    Lots of opposition. The comments are somewhat hilarious. The city slickers have never seen a bobcat so therefore there’s not enough to support a season. Meanwhile I’ve released 7 the last three seasons. And I’m trapping two weeks per yr with 24 traps. I’ve seen 3 while deer hunting. We’re...
  17. K9trapper

    Kentucky Survey

    I was sent the same survey. Criteria was you needed to have bought a license 5 yrs in a row. Having bought one the last 30 yrs finally paid off, lol.
  18. K9trapper

    "lowest on record"

    A lot of people only show up for turkey season, shoot what’s around and come back the next yr. Kill some coons, work on nesting cover and you’ll have birds. I’ve trapped a few yrs and am still amazed how a turkey can sit on eggs for 28 days and not get eaten. Predators are thick! Saving just a...
  19. K9trapper

    Dove fields 2018

    I think most folks serious about sunflowers buy better seed. A bag of peredovik seed is only $35 per 50# and it keeps good if not all used. I usually shoot for 8# per acre so a bag lasts me a couple yrs.
  20. K9trapper

    "lowest on record"

    Oh heck, you about to start a riot. If Kentuckians can’t murder a deer over a bait pile why even hunt.

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