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    Buck Sheads

    That would be me. I might be interested in some good sheds. I run a taxidermy shop in Marion Ky. Bucks-n-Ducks 270-508-2023 [email protected]
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    Taxidermist in KY

    I have saw some fantastic work and some pretty crappy stuff. Sometimes people bring a good taxi a hunk of crap and want a golden goose, sorry couldnt resist. I am a taxi guy and do good work and worry and fuss over every detail always worried that the customer wont like it. I ususally go above...
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    Taxidermist in KY

    Try Bucks-n-Ducks Taxidermy. They are located in marion KY and will receive frozen Geese for mounting. 270-965-1630 300.00 for simple mounts on up from there dependeing on what kind of scenery you wish, which can be anything from bought out, to custom water scenes and pedestals. The limit is...
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    Coyote tournement.

    We are having a hunt on Febuary 26th and home base/check in will be in Marion KY. It is open to anyone and everyone. Property for hunting will not be provided but anyone with contacts and or places to hunt within the surrounding countys should get in on this. It will be a fun time. Email me at...
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    Bobcat hide question

    Fur buyer in Dixon KY is paying 20.00 to 50.00 dollars currently depending on size of course.
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    CO'S checked me today at Boyds landing on Barkley today

    I had my son and his 15 year old friend Tyler Jones out for one last try at ducks this morning. We were at Boyds Landing on Barkley lake and was pulling out when two CO'S pulled up. I would like to say I caught one of there names and it was Richerdson and I can honestly say it was one of the...
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    Good Waterfowl Taxidermist in Central Ky?

    Ok, this is what I can tell you about costs. Duck form complete with head and eyes unpainted cost 30.00 before shipping. Habitat, can be anywhere from 15.00 for a simple plauqe to OMG expensive depending on what you want. I sometimes use drift if its a standing duck and thats cheap just my time...
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    Coyote hunters and Scent Lok clothing

    As you can tell from the post above, dont waste your money! I have been at coyote hunting for 20 years and they smell everything. The one thing that will help is SKUNK SCENT. Yeah I know it stinks but thats the point, it isnt a cure all but I put it out at every stand and it does help if you...
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    Ducks? WHAT DUCKS?

    Exactly why I havent gotten fired up yet. They will come, it should be soon. I am hearing that Barkley Lake is still pretty devoid of waterfowl. When they pick up ducks then its time. Of course there are the some that really work hard and or have a good lease next to the refuge and the like that...
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    Ducks? WHAT DUCKS?

    Qaucker, I hear ya, I havent bought mine yet either. I decided last year, that I would quit trying to make it happen, and just be watchful and go when it was right. I think I enjoyed it more. Sonfishing, way to get'em. Congrats! I am getting the itch though. Tired of deer hunting. Went...
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    Ducks? WHAT DUCKS?

    Hey, from everything I am hearing is starting out slower than normal this year. Anyone even seeing enough to get out of bed for?
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    Have you seen a Bobcat in Kentucky in the wild, If so where

    UH,yeah two in the freezer. I kept telling them if you would just quit coming into that rabbit call I would quit taking you home.
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    Howa 1500 ranch

    I am interested in purchasing a lower cost possibly used 223, just as my varmit rig. I have a 243. just got a hankering to get a new gun. You know how it is.
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    Bobcat Mounts

    Oh yeah, that looks good. I like a little somptin somptin, it makes them stand out. Like I said it cost a little more, but it gets noticed.
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    Howa 1500 ranch

    Does anyone own a Howa 1500 ranch gun, they come in camo and have a 20" barrel I am sorta looking at a 223. I know howa makes good accurate little rifles. Does anyone have one that they could report on?
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    Bobcat Mounts

    Not Bad MAKEemQUIVER, I like the curious mount. I think cat mounts can really benifit from scenery though. Just depends on where is will be sitting. I do like the snowy scenes. Of course it scares the crap out of the average guy when you shoot him a price, haha. But they are a lot of work, body...
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    Thanks Guys
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    Still not the answer I am looking for. Re read the post. Can they come on private ground, without being called out. I.E they hear some shooting, so they come to investigate, crossing private ground with out being asked to to see whats going on. 4th Amendment says they cant well not without a...
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    Ok, here is a question for the legal guru's. Can a Game warden come on private property to poke around unless he sees you committing a violation???
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