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  1. DoesbeDead

    First deer hunt with my dad

    I just bought a farm in late October. 67 acres in Anderson. My dad had only hunted once or twice for deer. I bought a millennium buck hut elevated blind. Opening morning was pretty special. He only wanted to shoot a doe. He just wanted some meat said those antlers don’t taste good. First...
  2. DoesbeDead

    My sons opening morning encounter

    Dude just walks in on him at first light. Shoots two squirrels and sits down leaning his back on the tree my son has his camera on. I rush back out to this farm to pick him up and the dude was still there at the tree. I ran into the landowners son on my way in. He said he gave this guy...
  3. DoesbeDead

    Doubled up with my son.

    We connected on a couple of does Monday evening. This was a pretty cool experience. Spend as much time with your loved ones as you can. We are not promised tomorrow. He also got a doe on Saturday evening.
  4. DoesbeDead

    Spots on lungs

    Does anyone know what causes spots on deer lungs ? This doe was shot Monday evening. She also had bot fly in her nasal cavity. At least that’s what I think. The deer otherwise looked healthy. The meat looked good and has tasted good.
  5. DoesbeDead

    Carcass cam

  6. DoesbeDead

    Both of the shooters I had on camera are now dead

    Congratulations to the hunters. The top one was taken buy a youngster.
  7. DoesbeDead

    Nice blue

    41” long approximately 25lbs
  8. DoesbeDead

    Son’s deer

    We had this deer on camera. He seen him come in at 3:00 one day and 3:30 another. I dropped him off at the farm at 2:30. I went back home. I was too warm and too long of a sit for me to go in that early. I was planning on going in around 5:30 or 6. Got the call at 4:43. He done smoked him. 25...
  9. DoesbeDead

    Thursday morning in the woods

    It is an awesome morning out here in Anderson county. See one small buck and four does. Plus 1 million squirrels. Good luck to all and be safe out there.
  10. DoesbeDead

    Live opening morning!!!

    Seen 5 does and little ones and a bunch of tree rats. Good luck to all and stay safe.
  11. DoesbeDead

    Youth video

    My boys youth season deer. He is ready to go with me regular gun season and get him his first buck.
  12. DoesbeDead

    Good luck this morning

    I hunt yesterday evening and had my best hunt this year. Saw 4 bucks and one doe. She was hot. Big 18" wide 10 chasing her. Grunting and leaves crunching are some beautiful sounds. Seconds after they came thru hear comes a 15" 8 grunting. The doe turned around and come back towards my stand...
  13. DoesbeDead

    Another Anderson County buck

    This deer was taken on 11/19/2012. What do you think he will score? 23 3\4 in wide.
  14. DoesbeDead

    A great season

    This season started out with my hunting buddy killing this buck as soon as we got in the stands on opening morning. We were only hunting 40 yards apart, and this buck came in before I had a chance to get an arrow nocked. He came past me and Todd put one thru him. I was lucky enough to...
  15. DoesbeDead

    spike elk tag

    I was lucky and drew a spike bull elk tag. Why did they go with the spike tags this year?Are there lots of small bulls running around? Just confused on the change,but very excited about finally getting to go.good luck to all in the woods this fall.
  16. DoesbeDead

    It's been...

    ... a good season so far. I killed this button buck 9-14 ,35 yard shot. I hit him in the spine so he fell right there. I shot this doe 9-20, 10 yard shot she ran bout 100 yards ,took the kids on the blood trail with me.

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