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    Fort Campbell

    Has anyone on the forum been over to campbell yet or heard of how the kill has been thinking about going over there this weekend.
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    Hunting accident

    Just saw on the Lexington news that a 15 year old girl was shot in the chest with a deer rifle and killed, she was on a hunting trip with a friend, that s all they had on it makes you wonder how old the friend was.
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    Back from LBL

    Hey guys just got back from a 4 day trip to LBL thought i would give an update on how it went, there was 7 of us went we hunted the north end we saw plenty of deer the bucks are for sure doing there thing there, out of 7 of us we killed 8 deer 4 bucks and 4 does, the bucks were all on the prowl...
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    Updates on Fort Campbell

    Does anyone have any news on Fort Campbell? are they killing many deer over there or even seeing many deer this year so far?
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    Fort Campbell

    Has anyone heard how the first weekend went over there?plnning a trip over there in a few weeks.
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    Changes at Fort Knox

    I sent my application in today just wandering how many else did, and what affects will all the new cahnges have on hunting there this year, i love hunting at Knox and hope they have not ruined a good thing.
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    Fort Knox

    Now in order to put in do you have to have the back groung check done prior to putting in or do they do it when you send them your hunt applicatioN?
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    I will be heading over there Thursday i usually hunt area 1 does anyone no if that area has been hit hard by the ice storm, or should i just try to find a new area, what other areas are pretty good on the north end, you dont have to tell me wich tree to get in just wich areas are the best...
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    When i take my week long trip over to LBL the first week of November we are thinking about caming i have a pop up does anyone have any suggestions as far as wich camp ground is close to the middle of the trace and are they pretty nice camp sites, places to hang deer and such things like that any...
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    Pulaski Co

    I just heard that Hurley Combs killed another 180 class deer yesterday on Hwy 192, has anyone else heard about it or have pictures?
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    What is your alls thoughts on LBL would you rather hunt the north end in the lower numbers or the south end in the higher numbers?
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    Green River

    Me and a couple buddies will be heading to the knifley area of green river bow hunting this weekend, and will be staying in a cabin near the knifley store, any insight on the hunting over there would be appreciated.
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    Fort Campbell

    Is anyone heading to Fort Campbell for the season opener this weekend, i will be over there the next weekend for three days any early season advice would be appreciated.
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    Tell the truth it happens

    Yesterday evening i was hunting and it was getting late hadn't seen much,so i stood up getting ready to leave when i noticed a doe about 20 yards, and i tell you what you would thought it was a world record the way my heart started beating, knee"s knocking and all kinds of stuff and i have kill...
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    Fort Campbell

    Does anyone know when season opens over there?
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    Fort knox

    When will it be time to apply for Fort Knox?
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    Does anyone know how the deer hunting is right now at Fort Campbell, i wou;d like to take a trip over there this coming weekend, the soldiers should be gone home for Christmas.
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    Does anyone know if the crappie are biting at Dale Hollow right now and if they are any tips minnows or jigs and how deep, i know here on Cumberland the crappie are biting good in 4-6 foot of water in minnows and jigs.
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    Crappie Fishing

    I am looking to go to Alabama crappie fishing toward the end of March, i have never been looking for some ideas on were to stay or wich lake is the best to fish down there, i would prefer a cabin maybe to stay in, i have heard that lake wiess is the best what is your alls opinions, any infi is...
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    Tore up

    Is anyone else as tore up as i am about Knox this year, the weather is going to be right, anyone else staying at Golden Manner motel this weekend.:)

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