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  1. BigPete

    Largest CAT on Game Camera & Autumn Olives

    Been clearing some reclaimed surface mine property we purchased, Autumn Olives had almost took over. Pushed them up in several big piles and will burn them in the next few weeks. This is the largest CAT I ever got a picture of on my game camera. Just starting on this patch of devils flower...
  2. BigPete

    Clueless about Fungi!!

    Went Kart Racing for the weekend, came home and these Mushrooms have taken over my yard. Always heard these were poisonous, but I’m honestly clueless as to whether that’s a fact or not. What the heck are they?
  3. BigPete

    Unscientific Bear Experiment

    I was a HUGE deer hunter for many years, I was fortunate enough to harvest some very nice Bucks from our Letcher County property. Then between EHD decimating our population and the Damn bear, I lost all desire to deer hunt. I decided this weekend to at least freshen up the salt licks and put a...
  4. BigPete

    Trolling Motor Repair

    Need a shop to do a Trolling Motor Repair. Bent the inner and outer shafts on my Motorguide Tour and would like to get it fixed, any recommendations?
  5. BigPete

    Old Time Land Deeds

    Im buying a 48 acre tract of land here in Letcher County. Gonna have it surveyed in the next few weeks. Here’s a description of the property boundaries. Beginning at a rock in main @#$& Creek, thence up the mountain to top of spur, thence with the meanders of the spur, thence with the meanders...
  6. BigPete

    Letcher County Ice Storm Damage

    For the most part, We dodged a bullet, thank goodness!! We received very little damage and had very few without power for any length of time. It was like we had a dome over us during this time! Really the only areas that had any substantial damage was in the higher elevations of Pine Mountain...
  7. BigPete

    Another “Walkabout” in the books!

    Walkabout 2020! Hiked the Highland Section of the Pine Mountain Trail this past weekend, started at the Trailhead on HWY 119 at entrance of Little Shepherds Trail, hiked about halfway first day spending the night in the Adena Springs Shelter. Finished the trip off leaving the Adena Springs...
  8. BigPete

    Another hog roast in the books

    Last weekend we had our annual Hog Roast. Evening Before I injected the hog, coated the inside with Mustard, and put a Heavy coating of Rub on the inside. We lit the fire at 3:00am Temp was ready by 3:20 and the hog went on. Breakfast with Sausage, Bacon, And Jowl Back from a hog we...
  9. BigPete

    Bear identifying as Squirrels

    Well, these Bear apparently identify as squirrels! I hate bear........
  10. BigPete

    Today’s Outdoor Adventure

    Went on a hike today with some family and Friends, been up here many times, but I’m amazed each time I see it. High Rock and Mars Rock on top of Pine Mountain in Letcher County. If anyone has questions about visiting here, let me know and I will help get everything set up for you. Overlooking...
  11. BigPete

    My Favorite Type Of Bear!

    Another over grown Opossum bites the Dust!! This small Bear was hit and killed this morning on HWY 119 just outside of Whitesburg.
  12. BigPete

    Constitutional Carry & Masks

    With Andy’s latest overreach, some of us at work was wondering. Is there anything saying you can’t Carry while wearing a mask? There were some that thought wearing a mask while carrying was a No-No with concealed carry, but wasn’t sure with constitutional carry.
  13. BigPete

    Enjoyed a SxS ride in Pine Mountain

    Went for a ride on my SxS “ON not in” Pine Mountain last week, KY has a lot of beautiful scenery, but it’s hard to beat the Mountains when they are coming alive in the spring!
  14. BigPete

    Saddest Days In Letcher County’s History

    March 9th 1976, at 11:45am 15 Coal Miners were killed in an Explosion at Scotia Coal Company in Letcher County Kentucky. March 11th 1976, at 11:30pm 11 more men were killed in a second explosion. My Father In Law worked underground at Scotia at this time, thankfully he was working another...
  15. BigPete

    Casualty Of The Highway

    Saw this big bellied cow this morning laying beside 119 just out of Whitesburg.
  16. BigPete

    Exciting WV bear hunt with Dogs

    Awesome dogs with zero fear!
  17. BigPete

    New Long Range Rifle

    I have really became a fan of the 6.5 Creedmoor Cartridge, I bought a savage model 110 a few years ago and was amazed at it’s accuracy. I had it hitting a 10”x10” steel plate at 500 yards in 11 shots with factory ammo. I decided I wanted to build a gun to reach out much further than that, so I...
  18. BigPete

    Our New Years Eve Tradition!

    Our New Year’s Eve tradition certainly wasn’t originated in the mountains of East KY, but we sure enjoy it! Add the following: 30 pounds crab legs 16 pounds shrimp 5 pounds crawfish 5 pounds sausage 10 pounds cut potatoes 48 ears of mini corn 18 ounces Old Bay Seasoning About 35 gallon of water...
  19. BigPete

    The KY Bear are trying to kill me,

    I think our local black bear know how much I despise them and have teamed up to kill me! Made a quick trip to Walmart this evening, on my way back home home I had one attempt a suicide mission towards the front of my truck on the Whitesburg bypass! It ran off the hill and crossed right in front...
  20. BigPete

    Hornady A-Tip Bullets

    Do Any hand reloaders here have any experience with the Hornady A-Tip, Aluminum Tipped Bullets? On Paper it seems to be a top notch match bullet.

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