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    Deer tracking dog - pics?

    Gents, It blesses me to no end when I see you guys w/the deer tracking dogs offering to help. We have all been there when something wasn't just right and a bad hit happens. To shoot a deer and have it out there being dogged by coyotes and possibly go to waste just kills me!! I'd like for you...
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    His name was Gordon: Dog pic

    A frien of mine's dog and thought yall might like to see him. This was a pic taken en-route on the boat and his face was in the sun.... It sure is hard to beat a good dog!!! God Bless, Wess
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    Seth's First deer - Charcoal

    My buddy's little boy tagged out last weekend w/his first deer! First deer always excite me and I love to see kids out there in God's great outdoors! I called him after his dad text'd me the pic and it sure was a great time listening to him recount the story. I wanted to make sure he had...
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    Success is but a release away

    I had gotten a few pics of the bruiser 8pt but none anywhere close to daylight. He was heavy and a real stud and I wanted a shot at him bad. I waited for weeks and never even tried a hunt since my thicket is pretty small and then the weather was right. This would be my first hunt of the year...
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    Dog days of summer?

    Since it is a tad slow on the outdoor stuff and we seem to be in the dog-days of summer, I thought I'd share the last dog pic I did of a stud named "Smoke". Hope you like it and he can't WAIT for cooler weather, just like me. Good luck if you are out and about, Wess
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    Ol' Barrel Chest

    Sometimes we run across an old buck that may not be the highest score, but something about him just "does it" and he commands our attention. This year I had a stocky buck show up that I named "Ol Barrel Chest" and was one of the few mature deer that showed during daylight hours. A...
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    Buddy's bowkill - charcoal

    A buddy's bow kill from last year that he rattled up. He is from the north east where the pressure is immense so he was tickled to death. Good luck this fall guys! Wess
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    "The SMACKDOWN!"- Turkey charcoal drawing in progress

    I haven't done a large-scale high detail turkey pic in a few years and decided it is time. I have never done a pic of a group of gobblers kicking each other's butt in a woods at the edge of a field. Gonna put a shagbark on the right side and maybe a squirrel watching the show. As...
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    Buddy's sons buck up east- charcoal

    A buddy if mine came down to bowhunt w me this fall and shortly after he went back to New Hampshire sent this pic if his sons bruiser NH buck in the back of gis truck. I hope you like it: Good luck f you are after them. Wess
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    Ground pounding and crickets

    Ohio kill: I have always enjoyed the sounds of tree frogs and crickets. Sometimes if I am passing a place in the spring and the "peepers" are singing I stop and shut the car off just to listen. Life can be so busy at times and these simple pleasures are ones I always take the time to enjoy...
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    A DAY to REMEMBER for the boys!

    Dave hit me just after the youth season and asked if I might be interested in doing a Deer pic, of some family members and their recent kills. He sent of 3 pics of them (each boy in the truck w/his deer and a pic of his dad. After one look I was hooked! How can you pass up war paint like...
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    Outdoor drawing - Fishing

    One for his mancave to remember a great day. He asked that I take the photo he had (wearing a white T-Shirt in front of his garage) and make it similar to the old Eagle Claw pic. I hope you like it and good luck out there if you are out and about. Wess
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    Passing Tradition - charcoal drawing

    "Passing Tradition": Good luck out there making memories in Gods great outdoors! Wess
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    "Determination" - charcoal

    When I heard the story behind the hunt I was blessed to do the pic even more. Good luck in God's great outdoors! Wess
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    Gills for dinner

    The wife had some stuff to do this weekend so as soon as I got home I was GONE! Didn't tear them up but got enough for dinner w/a small jig. They were way shallower than I thought. What a beautiful eve, I am SO GLAD the winter is gone and spring is almost here. Good luck if you...
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    PawPaws good luck

    From Robert: I Just hadn't a pic done. Couldn't pass it up. Just wish I had it videoed so I could keep the first few minutes for ever! The look on his face and the excitement was priceless. I had been blessed to share that with both my sons and glad to have it. He made a perfect shot. A limb...
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    "Blind Luck" - Charcoal

    He could never get his daughter to go hunting, then finally one day she decided she wanted to give it a try. He ran straight to the sporting goods store and bought her a 20ga! They tried for rabbits (she never got one), squirrels (nope), doves (there they go) and finally one April morning...
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    The Urge!

    I think that warm day we had last week got my juices flowing! I am SO READY FOR TURKEY SEASON!!!! Ready to feel the warm sun on my neck Ready to hear then thundering and the hair on my neck stand up Ready to hear his footsteps coming Ready to see his big ol' noggin peaking over the brush...
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    Daddy's Little Darlin' - charcoal

    The excitement of that first deer is simply hard to explain, but personally I can SEE it in her face! Love that crumpled hat too! I can't imagine what a wonderful morning this must have been for " Daddy's Little Darlin' ": I appreciate you letting me share these special...
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    "Persistence!" - charcoal

    When I asked his dad what he wanted to call the custom pic he said "Persistence!". Most of us can relate to staying after them and it finally paying off! Love that WAR PAINT! Congrats to this young man on an awesome buck and for "staying in the game"! Wess

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