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  1. carnivore

    I hate Moultrie cameras

    I put my moutltries out for a month then again for 2-3 months, when i was trying to figure a buck out. Then for a week to decide if i wanted to shoot a buck i had been passing. Maybe 5-6 months outside over 2 years. Intermittent use. The second one worked for 2 weeks before starting to eat sd...
  2. carnivore

    I hate Moultrie cameras

    Im about done with cams, they all suck. My two moultrie cams were lightly used 1.5 seasons and they destroyed sd cards
  3. carnivore

    Buttigieg Launches $1 Billion ‘Anti-Racist Roads’ Project

    It’s psychological warfare, and it’s working. Not so much on older (non grouse hunting) white men but younger people and anyone who feels like they can’t catch a break
  4. carnivore

    Active shooter in Allen Ky (Floyd Co)

    Sounds like KY lost a damn fine young man. Very sorry your family has to go through this.
  5. carnivore

    Dead deer?

    Lots of critters getting into gardens, check for .22
  6. carnivore

    July Elk Hunting In Nebraska

    I love deer hunting BUT I don’t believe a 200 inch buck could get me to hunt Florida in july, and its my understanding that a 120 inch 120 lb buck deer is about as good as it gets there. Id be fishing for sure
  7. carnivore

    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    ??? Isnt it super early?
  8. carnivore

    Active shooter in Allen Ky (Floyd Co)

    Name of the shooter?
  9. carnivore

    More activist nuts

    Honestly, Id take them for a ride.
  10. carnivore

    51 illegals dead....

    Yup! If you dont watch a job yourself they will short cut wherever they can.
  11. carnivore

    51 illegals dead....

    Ive stopped work multiple times for roofing contractors that fail to manage their immigrant crew with no skills or knowledge. Still the white contractor’s fault. Sent one an invoice for being his foreman for the week. Most contractors in my area suck donkey balls. Anyone see whats wrong in...
  12. carnivore

    What if!

    My sister got an archeology degree then never left the county to raise her boy after her divorce. She does logistics and manages accounts for a wire and cable company.
  13. carnivore

    What if!

    I should have buckled down and got an engineering degree. I work with engineers and have become pretty good at bridging the gap between operations and engineering. Ironically most technical writers work from home these days. Its never too late…
  14. carnivore

    Roe v Wade

    I'm man enough to admit that i do not know when when life begins. When i look at aborted “fetuses” Im 100 percent certain third trimester “fetuses” are babies and abortion is murder. I feel the same about second trimester but am a little less certain. First trimester, im not sure at all. With...
  15. carnivore

    51 illegals dead....

    I dont think the people working on your house voted for biden.
  16. carnivore

    51 illegals dead....

    Imagine of we deported 40-50 million dipshit biden voters to s America.
  17. carnivore

    Cutting Costs With Food Plots?

    Ill drain my pond, and burn up my pumps, to keep my plots and garden going if i have to. Also i know you asked about plots more than trees but hope you considered that relevant, if not my apologies for the derailment. Last years clover is doing well but im irrigating and i do think the morning...
  18. carnivore

    Simple things that bring happiness…

    I like watching things I've planted grow. For trees, there’s always a little anxiety those first couple years as the seedling buds pop. Some a little later than others, but when they do and they green up I cant help but smile with satisfaction.
  19. carnivore

    Cutting Costs With Food Plots?

    Right, that is my dilemma. my feed store seems to like selling red maples. I run them over with my Loader bucket along with the honeysuckle lol.
  20. carnivore

    51 illegals dead....

    We need to improve and streamline legal immigration. We should be bringing in way more people than we do, but we don’t because of all of the illegal immigrants. Most importantly the people we bring in should be benefiting society over all by quickly becoming self-sufficient, law abiding ...

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