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    Simple things that bring happiness…

    Fishing hunting a good book most of all time with family
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    Chewing tobacco

    Beachnut wintergreen or Copenhagen wintergreen is what I chew
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    Bidens note cards

    I’d love got hold of his cards and switch them with ones I wrote
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    Thugs Beware

    Living in Newyork the law has bin on the books for 100 years I just heard on the news. Plus this court case has been going for 5 years and they just ruled on it. I live in middle of no where nearest police is town cops 8 miles away if there’s one on duty they can’t come this far out so nearest...
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    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    4.99 here in the finger lakes of Newyork
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    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father’s Day too all the dads out there and too the ones we lost
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    Honest answer

    Yes pinsonfork
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    Honest answer

    Well I guess waterfowl hunting can take a back seat I do like hunt squirrel and deer more and can take up dove and bear hunting
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    Honest answer

    I like waterfowl hunting so next summer we are moving too pike county. So how is pike county for waterfowl hunting.
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    New job at same company

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    Do you think the USA is giving away too many military secrets

    I’m sure not too slow joe
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    Good news at work

    It’s not lumber prices but I see it’s coming down. Worse case we will rent a place and fix it up. But going full time will help a lot. Won’t have use savings for gas and food. Lil woman said no mater what next summer we will be calling Kentucky home for good.
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    Good news at work

    Since last August I’ve been working at lowes in auburn ny part time we’ll today I got full time in more going for our move too Kentucky next summer.
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    Censorship and Firearms Seizures

    Next June can’t get here fast anuff
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    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    4.80 here in finger lakes of Newyork
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    Happy Mother’s Day too all the moms
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    Psaki Says Biden Will Continue To Call Americans Who Do Not Support Him ‘Extremists’

    Compare him too a 1 year old with a dirty diaper more like it
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    Talk about pain.

    Was at work last nite helping a customer with a vanity when his end of the box ripped and he let go it fells forward and pins me too the shelving beam corner of the vanity catches me right in the left testie thing swollen up went too er that was fun need get a ultrasound again they found like of...
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    What was your first gun you ever purchased?

    My first gun was my fathers 16ga mossberg pump I got at 13 when he passsed still have that gun first gun I payed for my self was a marlin glen field 22 single shot 22 payed 40 dollars for it still have it

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