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  1. theprofessor

    Anybody know this one? Which county?
  2. theprofessor

    Nov 27 Roll Call

    Figure I’m far enough away from Owen that I won’t booger up Ezel’s superbooner… Who’s out, who’s in? Filling the freezer or drilling a geezer? (I don’t think we use that word for deer but it rhymed pretty good.)
  3. theprofessor

    Black Friday roll call

    20 degrees warmer than it was sposta be here…think I’m finally gonna be back in the big woods, looking for the slumpbuster. Good luck everybody!
  4. theprofessor

    Halloween Roll Call

    Up a tree on a field edge, wind should be just right. ML just opened here in VA, antlered only, so I'm taking the crossgun and the smokepole. Good luck y'all.
  5. theprofessor

    October 23 roll call

    Never can sleep the night before… Who’s heading out to catch the ramp up to the rut? I’ll be in a hut blind on top of a doe corridor, let’s see if the bucks are logging on to DeerTinder yet… Good luck, be safe, enjoy!
  6. theprofessor

    Roll Call October 16

    In a hut blind, hoping the rain they’re calling for later gets em moving this morning. Bear, deer, and Turkey are all legal in VA right now. Still only archery here. Good luck with the smoke pole everybody!
  7. theprofessor

    Roll call Oct 2

    Who’s out here enjoying creation? In my opening day stand in Western VA, missing KY—but one of the other guys on this property has trail cam pictures of six different bears in the last week, so…I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. If I get my 8am opening day doe for the...
  8. theprofessor

    Urban Turkey Ridiculousness

    My in-laws live in Madison, Wisconsin. Turkeys Ga Lore. There was a Tom with about a ten inch beard about 6’ from the front door; I was on a run one morning, and got close enough to a Jake that I coulda kicked it; and a hen and nine poults let me get within 15’. Photodocumentation below:
  9. theprofessor

    15yo girl kills a 200" buck in Anderson County? Why haven't we heard about this one on here yet?
  10. theprofessor

    Why hunting matters during a lockdown

    Better me out of the house trying TO kill something... ...than stuck inside having to try NOT to kill anything. Deep thoughts, deep thoughts.
  11. theprofessor

    Virginia’s magic burgoo season

    So as I have mentioned, I got started hunting in Boyle County, but have now moved to Virginia. I’ve stuck around this forum because I’ve learned so much, and I like y’all. Plus, where I hunt isn’t that different from Kentucky. Except for this: VA bear firearm season is Nov 23-Jan 2 Whitetail...
  12. theprofessor

    Defective stand recall

    Dunno if anyone bought one of these, but people been getting hurt:
  13. theprofessor

    It's another Rage post

    Pop your corn, boys... Just kidding, this is just a pic of the doe my buddy shot yesterday. Pass-through, blood trail, and a severed front leg. He said she still went 20 yards. Confirmed: Rage broadhead, out of a Ravin. That's a winch line around her neck, case anyone's wondering.
  14. theprofessor

    Real quick on range finders

    Prime Day on Amazon has seen a bunch of these on sale for increasingly appealing prices. Lemme ask y'all a couple quick questions: 1. "Golf" vs "hunting' rangefinders--is there really a difference? Are any of you hunting with a golf rangefinder? Does it work ok? 2. Has anyone tried one of...
  15. theprofessor

    From the 'aw h*** no' department: an arrow in the head

    I don't remember if we ever did get a follow-up on what happened to that poor guy in Danville who killed himself with a crossbow, but this came across my notifications...
  16. theprofessor

    How bad a call can you get away with?

    I’m new to this, and I’m pretty bad at it. I just haven’t seen many birds in the wild, or had the time to practice. how bad can a guy suck at calling turkey’s before he’s just wasting his time? Have you heard ridiculous squawks that resulted in dead birds? Thanks y’all.
  17. theprofessor

    Hunting out of a non-truck

    Season's over, time for wide-ranging topics. Anybody else hunt out of something other than a pick-up? For hunting, seems like there's a couple real big plusses to the truck: 1. Ability to go off-road 2. Easy to throw a whole deer in the box These days I don't need to go off road in a...
  18. theprofessor

    12/20 ML / Late archery Roll Call

    I'mma be sitting in a new [to me] stand on top of a rub line, hoping to catch the very last of the rut. ML in one hand, bow in the other, hope I don't have to try to shoot two at once. Who's hittin', who's quittin'?
  19. theprofessor

    13 NOV Chosen Frozen Roll Call

    Who’s getting out there to kill one in the cold this morning? Looks like some of y’all could be single digits at daybreak. I’m sitting in a blind this morning so I can wear whatever the [email protected]@l I want and not freeze my knees off. Good luck everybody!
  20. theprofessor

    Squirrel vs deer sound

    Where I am it’s been dry, leaves have come down, and at least this morning, squirrels are REAL busy. I do t think I’ve gone ten seconds without hearing one rustle the leaves, and it’s got my head on a d$&n swivel. Funny thing is, I realize I haven’t HEARD most of the deer I’ve ever shot. But...