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    Covert black ops, all night pics are solid black

    What's going on causing this?! Just put it up yesterday
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    Best smoker under $350

    Been looking at these again and would love to have a big green egg, but sheww... I'll likely settle for something simple but want something that can produce good smoke around 220
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    What's the best cell cam

    What's the best cellular trail camera and the cheapest way to do it?! I don't have time to go pulling cards all the time and live cell messages seems very cool
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    Where is our buddy Barney?

    Used to loge reading his posts? Havent been on much the last couple years. I keep expecting to see Barney on doomsday preppers bur not yet lol
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    New Gallup Poll No surprises here!
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    Eating coyote

    No joke. My buddy who killed the big buck in the deer hunting thread killed a yote. His neighbors skinned it out, and fried the sucker up! I didn't beleive him til I heard his neighbors talking about it, has anyone ever tried that?
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    Carter county buck

    Shot last Sunday, found a couple days later by another hunter! Great buck!
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    What's the scoop on Harrow?

    Just saw where coach Cal said he worked out this week but left with his mom and isn't expected to be back even by Friday. This whole story gets weirder by the day!
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    Where to buy lump coal in eastern ky?

    Was just looking for a place to buy some lump coal. I live near grayson, the closer the better.
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    Fox Pro

    I've been looking to start hunting yotes and have been looking at the fox pro firestorm. What do you all think of it? Any reccomendations? I've had a western rivers digital call for a few years, batteries wont hold charge now, I'm hoping these are better units.
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    My season so far, whats going on.....

    Opening day I hunted til noon. Saw my first deer of the morning hunt at 10:15. Within the next 45 minutes saw 3 more bucks wit the biggest being in the 110 range. Saw a descent 9 point that would score 125-130 that evening as well as a couple scrub bucks. I posted a pic of the 9 point a...
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    Feels like winter

    Just laying here trying to fall asleep and the coyotes are having a community gathering around my house!!! There are a couple howling and I know they can't be 60 yards away! Sheww.... Cold night already, bedside thermometer reads 21.9 !!!!
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    Look what I found.......

    no, it's not a back pack full of weed like the last time...... Found him setting along a 4wheeler trail, the pictures were taken about 18 inches away with my iphone. He seemed to have a sore wing. I
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    Age and score, what do you think

    posting this for a friend, what will he score?
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    How are you going to vote?

    Just curious to see how people vote? Straight tickets? For the best canidate? Lets hear it. personally, I'll vote for the best canidate. However, the bigger or more important the race is, is the less likely I'll vote democrat. I know that I'll be voting dem for the sheriff and...
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    Cold morning! brrr

    Woke up earlier to probably the 3rd of 4th frost of the season but this one is a biggin! haha 27.1 degrees here on the back porch, a few does were feeding along the field edge behind the house, looked like they were walking in snow from the heavy frost should be a good morning to be in the...
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    Juan Williams fired for telling the truth.

    Can you beleive that NPR has stooped to such levels? I mean I know they are far left and always have been but Good grief.. They are getting desperate. I think that the far left knows that america is waking up and they are very nervous! The ceo woman of NPR says that Juan should keep personal...
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    Paul vs Conway debate last night

    Can't beleive that everyone here isn't going nuts about it! I think Paul done exactly what he should have done.
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    Our money willl never look the same! shewww Obama on the 1, lord help us

    CHeck out this link! I'm so sick of govt I'm ready to PUKE!